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Viriality and the Foundations of Quantum Physicality

Viriality and the Foundations of Quantum Physicality L. Edgar Otto August 26, 2011

It will take awhile to post my contemplations of yesterday. These are rather advanced footnotes to the progress made on this blog so I hope it conveys the sense of physics that we can ground on the simplest of hints at the foundations. Peter Rowlands mentions that beginning his career he was advised that there was not much progress in a career these days for the study of foundations. Considering the state of physics, experimental and theoretical, today I find him a prophet entering the new space of our universal drawing board. At one point my ideas flow freely as if the first discoverer in a new land when there is so much to find that almost every area I touch leads to an interesting fundamental theory with answers for the depth of questions I wonder why no one had asked or felt the need to.

The first thing I will illustrate and discuss is the set of Virial Cubes which is a variation on my zebra (black and white) set of them as pure information in which I apply the six or eight colors to the 32 edges of the hypercube. In this sense we are working from another side of space structure duality. But as a metaphor by the dimension of color we can make certain conclusions about fundamental issues such as chirality in ways that explain this better. For one thing it is an alternative way of computing the possibilities of unfolding the hypercube which I recall is around 240 or so but I have reason to think we should recheck the count.

Being a new and virgin territory one has to improvise at times- and so the drawings are not to be set in stone otherwise we would not make valuable experimental progress. So I present a draft of all the possibilities knowing some very basic notions of which I am aware in the other models may or could apply here. To the extent a physical theory is close to reality, a particular method will tend to ask the same frontier questions where all such theory models have their limits of explanations. Just as with vacua as an issues more of the metaphors and psychology as to what is concrete and well grounded (see Lubos today where he orients or twists arguments toward the subjective confusion of notions of global warming- yet his insight here is rather deep as to the nature of our general problem of human and self centered human reasoning.)

I also posted this comment to Kea who realizes that there are also more possibilities on the frontier in the application of octonions and so on...


This much is obviously true (to those with a little better understanding), but we need a fresh look at the foundations for physics between the phenomena and raw information theory. The community will finally have to come back to the drawing board to make sense of things a little better- other wise their ideas are disguised as science but really are rather speculative and mystical as stated.

If M theory works beyond complexification it must work at the foundational levels. I just read about preons and how they relate to such fundamental physics for the very problems we are trying to solve. But I think the notion of them is as narrow as pure stings themselves.


* * *

Virial, the doubling and halving of things in the equations- the duality really, a term by Rowlands. Of course to me (and perhaps Pitkanen) it is really the continuum of powers of 2 that may be involved, and certainly triality, n-ality is part of that) is perhaps my first epiphany where I felt at home with the foundational ideas of physics and was able to see its beauty (somewhere on the way to school in the 5th grade stopping in the park on the way and thinking about things until I was a little late). But I also got this key idea of viriality in the sense it is the difference in the Kinetic and Potential energy concept- that after that I would always ace the tests with pictures of the science section knowing this distinction. But being a method of socialization our teachers did not encourage the science despite high grades in that area as they wanted to have "well rounded students." This memory came back but along with it the questioning if I can really interpret this latest color structure as something, some form of physicality that relates to what is actually the energy and mass of things. But in a relaxed wide open new physics I find these interpretations as good as anyone's as we all strive for clarity.

* * *
Dark Fluid Quasistar Punctuated Hierarchical Epiphanies

:- Uncertainty and Structure
quantum: The appature diameter (square root of the diameter) between two holes is less than the distance between them.
quasic: The distance between them is relative, scaleless, nonlocally infinite, and these contiguously zero...
qlassical: The distance between them can be zero or a constant Zeno-like that becomes initially set at a certain value.

:- The iota is not a string nor preon but is foundational for fixed and fluid scales.
It follows that BB and periodic table reductionism is not a complete and comprehensive method of enquiry.

:- Between omnic many-worlds multiverses, if the spherical top harmonics asserts distance between them then the actuality of laws of physicality between them is quasi-uncertain.
The ephiphany of phoenix physics is quasi conserved and relates to the analog of foundational energetic fluidity.

:- The solidity of the tesseract structure is grounded by this semi-regular space lattice (octahedra and cuboctrahedra in a phoebe snow lattice count) as a condenser reductionsism.

Stray Mysteries and Paradoxes:

:- Parthenogenesis (clone or platinum wire initiator at an egg) "dark anti-sperm" is the mirror condensing process in egg selection in the ovary's cycle.

:- While an average man and a computer is a genius, the quality of that genius is limited by the genius of the programmers theoretical insights.

:- An appeal to some standard idea of dimensional measure comparison is as falsy certain to its interpreter as a quote from scripture, chapter and verse, that has undergone diminished meaning far from the original metaphor. In this sense a scientist, in his sense of righteous views, sound and true or not, is as much a fundamentalist.

:- The philosophy of a creative and purposeful person that we live each day as if it were our last, such as the inventor of the popular ipod, iphone, and ipad, eventually comes due. Creativity struggles with reduction, eternity with the finite, both may ultimately seek a false and empty hegemony and claims of legitimacy, while authentic remain mortal. But the true seers and dreamers remain immortal.

:- In many ways the reduction from cold physicality into asserted principles of collective diversity as interconnected logic while seemingly more human and creative is less symmetrically rich and more reduced than an indifferent world of universal laws as physical. Equality that is transitive to opportunity to everyone may be achieved only at the dehumanization of the individual.

:- Redress and revenge of perceived wrongs, in a world were values may be a matter of taste and of arbitrary justice and responsibility, the ruthless more successful there dues to make legal their brutal rise to wisdom, these in a world of no necessary reality, ends and means, are most likely doomed and trapped in their own ideas of necessity.

:- So the soul does not forgive fake tragedy and false comedians easily.

:-Love is that which, in releif to the conservation of the Deity, can be created and destroyed.

:- Love then can be seen by some as an act of violence and method of control - but this is imposed philosophy far from light and love.

* * *


:-The same role of semi-regular polytopal lattices of not (alpha,beta,gamma n-dimensional structures) also intelligibly color match - especially for the Icosahedral symmetries - and on the lower dimensions at least relate to these polytopes in a general global structure intelligibly.

:- The generational structures over the tesseract in a preferred direction of the triality directions possible are evident in the interpretations of the dynamic motions of the moving contained but unfolded cubes- of which there is an electron and magnetic component which is metaphorically the weak and then strong components of the expressed distinctions of chirality- thus the idea of monopoles and of that of point particles is intrinsic to such a standing out above the neutral and foundational information space into that of color space.

:- In a deep sense the cycles (and ideas of quantum jumps) as if the universe were an unfolded tesseract and the unique positive structure- we would still have two concepts of the electrostatic and magnetic- namely the Big Bang cyclic as discontinuous or the steady state as continuous- both the same way to view one unified electromagnetic model.

:- Fractal paths (that may relate to hidden dimensions) as phenomena may be combinatorially jumbled in the natural dimensional expression to add further effects of differentiations and integrations of geometrical structures.

:- In a deep sense nothing can be said to expand without limit or in the motion all but abstractly emit radiation (note the magnetic circular does not make electric but the moving electric makes the magnetic ultimately) - so there is a persitence of distance as a fundamental coherence but there is uncertainty as some orgin such as our mythology of the Big Bang.

:- These concepts explain, in terms of information theory and condensing theory what makes a particle, especially a hidden one, Majorana or not. This sort of foundation just after the creation of a vacuum is in a sense pre-chiral.

:- The 16 four rays of the colors on a tesseract of the six six color permutations have the anticlockwise to clockwise flat ordering in a ration 3 to one plus to minus or the reverse case. The may have bearing on the notions of fractional charge.

:- The 24 cell or 32 cell Holographically as models is alternatively the dimensional values of the square root of two or tau (phi) or some powers of the roots of two.

:- On the level of information we may find a different inversion of the outside cube to the seven other internal ones- but in color space this distinction is self dual and neutral in the metaphorical standing out and physical expression of structures.

:- There is always a danger in the creative writing (for less enlightened followers or admirers) in the act of making a seemingly insightful maxim or saying or the accentuation and glorification of them as a book- the heroic and sensitive writer takes this risk and is the first to doubt its meaning and worth- and to expect reward...

* * * *

Facebook Status Today:

This has been a hard year, changes and disasters all over the world- and near misses, revolutions and rumors of depression, Nature enough without our own folly, and I think of the mystery of the Lost Colony in Dare county Carolina- perhaps not such a mystery after all as the promise of Kitty Hawk seems a lost dream as if ghost ships we forget to haunt us at Hatteras, the Graveyard of the Atlantic. As hard as the winters are in Wisconsin I find firm ground on the Canadian Shield.

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From the sci mags just now:

I suppose it is good we can try such things even without a clear unified theory, but these articles seem highly relevant to the above discussion. Yet the underlying unification of theories should keep in mind the fundamental distinction in which objects are at rest or move, symmetric and not symmetric, reversible and irreversible, and from there we may predict such phenomena as we hold some theory constant in the experiments in our relaxed dreams of exploration made more concrete.

In a wider sense :- (the assertion sign as I can type it) we should keep open the view that these concrete or abstract concepts of virial inertia laws and motions, that we can interchange the kinetic and potential aspects of descriptions meaningfully and intelligibly, sometimes.

* * *

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