Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Galaxy in a Tea Cup

Galaxy in a Tea Cup L. Edgar Otto Jan. 25, 2012 (which other than the poem of this morning should be dated Jan. 24th - Oh, I see the problem I did not bring along this mornings poem number XII I shall place it here later. (after all I did take a rare afternoon nap so did not really confuse the date). This one concerns our bonds and their breaking through generations and what we imagine that can go far beyond the intentions and methods of our leaders... but XII is an amazing set of images with very focused references in time- I mean, if my work is worth it as unique and eventually decoded from the idiom- would I desire to transmit this- perhaps the awakening of a video played back in our minds speed read and later with cognizance recalled, transcending or perhaps the same thing, it played back third time going under water- please return here to catch it, it also takes from the science speculations on the foundations as the models such as the standard theory (to which it still is caught up in philosophy and metaphysics) or is there something to be said for creating our souls anew- the same unique persons without the sleep and cobwebs and streets of snow in our eyes?

These sci mag links and apod are highly relevant today:
Science Daily here and here:

The Learning Machine (XI)
L. Edgar Otto Jan. 24, 2012

We're not each others burden taking pride in giving
not just the company of scoundrels or holy men
The one winged pigeon, messenger, extinct
flies in circles true with its phantom wing
Yet spirals down like helicopter maple seedlings

Or as eagles mating on the wing, his love too
with her phantom wing together thermals glide
She the mother bat, matrix in the belfry
can carry her cubs, nursing, weighing more
Than herself, all supermoms with super-partners

Only those with depth of mind, healing, universal
can conceive & understand, reflect on others
All the imaginary friends of self & of the same feathers,
that we connect & interfere with each others
Destiny & lives in heights and flight- it works both ways

Only those who do well to discern the scriptures
reading the pure poetry & who can write
Know the lover unto rebellion our life's work
overshadowed by long shadows of our former gods
Who did not require of you their homeless wandering
a model even when you heed my voice to heel
As if in the indifferent & dangerous world yourself you
cannot heal.

But you know already we heal also at a distance
wherein you do not escape our brittle bonds
No matter how far away in place or time you flee me
a broken barefoot ghost
Ring the bells as Christmas time, give up not your
letters I joyful that yours better I enjoy more than my own
As you learn, risk your freedom, soul, exploring new &
sometimes selfless lost souls, or dark & pointless lands...

* * *

The Learning Machine (XII) forthcoming...

* * *
My artist friend Steven Silverleaf posted after a long while on blogspot of which I now follow it here and commenting:

Those are very powerful images, Steven. They seem to convey a sense of motion and almost a mysterious cat like gait as if perhaps we do have such things as a sort of spirit guide, humans and the feline both walking, nay, flying upright.

Sometimes at the beginning of breakthroughs or the rediscovery of profound and fundamental art
the rawness and freshness sets the future and are more precious than the very refined end of a theme- the majority of us caught searching in the dark with the artist seeking his unique visions.

The PeSla

* * * * *

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