Sunday, January 15, 2012


Influences & Childhood Thought Experiments
L. Edgar Otto January 15, 2012

My thoughts turned to the influences of my constant observation and experimenting as a child- this looked at with retrospect. Kea parrots on the You Tube video of yesterday blew me away metaphorically- see Kea at work. One scene in particular was the parrot (I only realized these were parrots yesterday) that could turn the solenoid or helix to get to the hidden goodies inside. The video asks if that is instinct or intelligence- in such things I would add, rather classically, that it is also a matter of "intuition."

I include a list of almost titles which can account for experiments of thought in childhood- again in retrospect, hopefully of universal experiences and emotions or that of the golden age of national science at the beginning of the cold war. I begin to see where very young my mind turned to things like geometry and combinations and higher space- for the experiment not mentioned here in the chemistry lab was of Methane that seemed to add weight if the closed apparatus became exposed to the sunlight- the teachers dismissed the data but I kept imagining the molecules as the five points of a fourth dimensional configuration. All these titles relate to some such event early on. I am particularly interested in how our human development may relate to space and perhaps the media of the times we are in as some explanation for things like autism... I may make a book of this- the subjects touched on from time to time, especially in my lost poems.

One thing, in those poems, in the SphereDream godhead of 5 it became 8 with the mirrors, the so called quabics, but I did not know at the time this metaphor related to symmetry breaking in general physics. Metaphors solve some of physics too.

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