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Exotic Particle Permutation N-Sukodu Matrices

Exotic Particle Permutation N-Sukodu Matrices L. Edgar Otto January 12, 2012

I include here some stray informal notes, and some very formal awakenings, a little philosophy of science, and two poems inspired by the radio interview for a new book of anthropology called Jubilee- that and a girl I met with her boyfriend, a new freshman, in the quad of UNC. I include the quasic method of permutations as I have gone on to the harder problem of more general relations between permutation sets and its application to particles or organic systems.

If we think of a Sukodu game as a sort of matrix in so many natural dimensions we can imagine combining different ones (I assume a series of the odd numbers but a 4 by 4 one is possible with the modifications of such factoring involved), then the series rising of the permutations of a given Sudoku set and another can combine as if part of the main diagonal of such a matrix. Thus, in the algorithms between such sets each can be permuted separately then this is a higher number of possibilities when these exchanges of rows and columns are applied intelligibly.

A main result here is a better understanding of what we mean by decoherence when physical things, even as probabilities, energies and lifetimes bond in combination's.
That they can also have an intelligible ground for not bonding, and that the problem remains I call Teleoscoping of the information of unique binary interactions on a deeper level of systems- perhaps, the idea of numbers as genders and the inter-dimensional aspects of permutations over the Sukodu groups here apply. It seems this attitude toward the use of numbers as if an awakening applies to their generalization of them to basic algebraic forms as well- perhaps the Jubilee here between the social and individual years, the 8 tenths of my substance, is that I did not see this right away after all this time- that numbers can be alive and valuable and our elementary textbooks do not tell us but merely suggest a student gets this somewhere between the computations and the art form- art as a proof of sorts. The teleoscoping problem is a key one for organic information systems. I also introduce the term imgeneration to distinguish it better from generation as understood in standard theory- but keep in mind the ambiguity (which of course can be useful with subconscious or deep mathematical connections).

In a new theory it is hard to distinguish an original and significant contribution from a mathematically sound but trivial and reduced concept. This is a counter to the idea of falsification as self-verification ultimately (also the teleoscoping problem), but a permutation context isolates and loops to nearly intelligible connected systems in the idea of quasi-entropic fields. Thus, doubt and faith can be independent of the content and perceptions in consciousness.

The following poems (not sure where to put them on line really) are rather hard subjects to consider but seem as timely as the state of human kind. The town and gown idea and our expectations interrupted by the apparent need for the military and it related to debt in society where either the village or the soldiers once cannon fodder remain so- only the few are lucky enough to have a world safe for enquiry. This interesting book Jubilee, was written to support ideas of credit (for the jubilee was the general forgiveness of debts- a sort of pot luck redistribution of wealth, by someone for the Occupation movement). I am neutral on this politics for now, but the idea of how we pay our soldiers so they with gold can buy food rather than rape and plunder is an interesting theory of the arising of money over barter. Also, it is the stuff of debate in ancient Greece when the troops come home as a matter of philosophy- or when the sailors are paid by the Queen for the armada long after most of them have faded away.

* * * * *

I also pick a rather disturbing moral subject for the next poem from the news and imagine the defense of our marines for their offensive act as if only thought so by those who give lip service to the issue for what is generally the value in the community (that fears the veteran returning home and debates if they are responsible for their acts so pay them with mental health programs even if the circumstances have shown they have been out of ammunition for their own sovereign free will or they socially say so (who else can read the state of mind of someone disabled?) Provided of course, they seen as a danger (or not truly seen in serious cases) as a danger to themselves and others. Note also that Taliban means student.

* * * *

L. Edgar Otto Jan. 11, 2012

I am in the hour, Blondie, where we sat in the quad
your leaving home & rite to "go to college"
Write a novel called Jubilee as Southern as mint-julip
your lip's first bite of Moon Pie and Pepsi Cola
His long blond strands & hippie headband there
with you at the apex of eternal high school sweethearts
Not so far from cuddle kisses save the show for others to think

A little Boon's Farm Strawberry Wine, homecoming,
Farm Straw we joked your middle name in the frenzy
Caught up in the victory game, a pearl at hog night
passed around the gauntlet of the frat boys
Will be boys a dozen times your sacrificed virginity

He left you and you cried to me "I'm dropping out" by the
Bus stop back to home- I said "All debts are still paid back come Jubilee."

* * *

On the Desecration of Graves L. Edgar Otto Jan. 12. 2012

In the occupied village students turned soldiers
& those in the way of the hunt, blood brothers shared, spilt, spit on the ground
The uniforms are not paid enough nor do they seek
to rob the graves, nor think of college and girls back home
So they give, half for mature civilization

Their genitals in toxic inevitable release
trained dogs retrieving the winged ones for their masters
Desist! the courts proclaim without erections
some forensic science to find the missing, sort the ramparts
For what closure save publicly if survivors care
which the gentile, which the barbarians forgotten?

Half the final prayers in superstition to shoot beyond the grave
even those now banished, as they are seeded with revenge their
May as well have never been- as do the mountain tribes at war commune.
make love to the mound & mass-less grave of cannibal sacrifice
Marking the trail & territory, documented evidence for the
gods and world to see, a force that we be free a
Future world for enquiry safe, now anthropology
indifferent to the holy truths

Symbolic only the ferriers domesticating the wild & lucky horseshoes
knotted to breaking, collapsing & condensing world & the other chapters,
Act, brothers of one book beneath their acid rain

Truths holding close their own flags &
Sacred books that can never touch the ground...

* * * * * *

Two comments, for Kea and for Louise Riofrio:

One of my favorite space fillers as a simi-regular tesselation (for storage containers and with 1/4 of a tetrahedron added.

I like your link to Conway involving octahedra although many many concave structures are possible.

These shapes, even the polytopes, should be seen from a higher dimensional view rather than that hidden by our usual 3d traditions and classifications. The complexity of shapes so reduced hide the deep significance and in a way when we have simplified algebra, things done in relation to one dimensional curves in a plane- the deep significance is also hidden. I do not know which is easier or how much of that now known in mathematics still hidden from my view in the exquisite detail of the beauty.

In a wider sense, in the structure that underlies planes... the tetrahedron is a space filler if we consider all permutations and dimensions- by this I do not simply mean the 4 triangle solid nor its group coordinates.

The PeSla Some still think this way to view symmetry is not that important.

* **

I find it most interesting that the quasi-xtals were found in space- why? I mean, the golden ratio is involved and perhaps these form not from say pressure and heat and the like but as in the gamma ray creation by composite galaxies something much deeper around centered singularities (black holes) such as yours in some general fundamental space configuration.

The PeSla

* * * * *


  1. Permutations definition
    What is a permutation? , define Permutation, why we use permutation?

  2. Hi, sounds like you are thinking about some rather fundamental questions. Good. Surely we are aware of the conventional use of such things but some of us see these a little more expanded when it comes to the foundations of physics and among even us there are disagreements. Our minds can reach that level where we are convinced of some theory and emotionally we can cling to what makes sense at the time. But I am speaking on a level a little beyond the usual usages. To start with as the "heart is deceitfully wicked among all things" on our familiar level we should make those distinctions between what is meaning and what is information- also vague concepts and words as certainly our ideas of dimensions and groups. It is good to explore in such directions.

    My system comes from an alternative basis for some near total theory - for you quantum buffs out there start and the beginning and turn the Feynman diagram around with Eddington's simple view in mind- the uranoid of his quantum relativity in his book the Fundamental Theory 1929.

    Is the universe really limited to such a 256 cell three (or four) space theory as a basis for the description of dimensionless information? Or is there something more to be said here. Now for some to explain the axis of evil for example (quadrapole or octapole) as an influence of other outside univeses is rather cleaver and speculative- but it is not really a necessary speculation for in the general unified case such phenomena are there in the unified general space structure (at least insofar as the general theory reaches for now.)
    And these simple models can be quite elaborate so as to seem in the issues that what we observe is a fact of directionality also as in the arrow of time where such flow is asymmetric should we consider all possible finite permutations and so called perturbations.

    I welcome your stances and comments, kudos to the spirit of it and good luck in your enquiries. My last post concerned the Majorana concept of particles of which I wonder what your take on this is. Consider simplifying things to a polyhedron of squares and triangles, magic ones with shadow vectors and each a region strict or near but brane-like. In my eyes the snub cube is of only one variety and while the unity of the information it contains is in a sense transparent it is a matter of debate as to if we can think or see through it.

    I am posting this comment today as I have very little to post and I thought you deserved a more update answer.

    The PeSla