Monday, January 9, 2012

The Other Unique Sudoku Solution of Lubos Motil

The Other Unique Sudoku Solution of Lubos Motil L. Edgar Otto Jan. 09, 2012

Given all the wrong and not even wrong permutations (at least in lower space) in this deep problem really of triality or even 4 and 5-ality and beyond, it may not be obvious from a global shift of the elements to see this a sort of mirror to the one given by Lubos here. In this symmetrical space we can envision properties of reductions by numbers for particles in intelligible composite ways we have not yet imagined. This is the world of my singularities, and Kea's intuition of mirrors and half particles, of the effects of Louise for structures, and of Pitkanen's desire for a higher application on even the biological scales for higher dynamics.

And I derived it by hand, without the aid of computers or calculators.

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