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Congruency Problem, Elliptic Curves, Galois Fields

Congruency Problem, Elliptic Curves, Galois Fields ( and Wildcard Dynamics ) L. Edgar Otto January 06, 2012

Lubos just posted: here on Sudoku encouraging readers to prove it needs 17... but that is the 4 by 4 idea of lower dimension < 5 reducibility over 3^n triality field concepts so the proof at least involves the ideas of Surreal, Quasic, and prime number ideas at the foundations. Perhaps it is not quite this simple as other ideas can come up- why should there be the intuitionist and specific primes chosen for the 15 and 1 wildcard irreducible set of four space (of five points not seen as an intrinsic part of a string so no concrete reduction to branes as my "iotas". But did we not label the structure of a hypercube and elements into a sukodu array long ago? Lubos does seem to be headed on the right track too to lead or follow us alternative soothsayers. Now, 2^2n +1 hints or more in higher space if we take the Friomnium view of some real but hidden dimensions or connections? Sometimes when the lines or wormholes are parallel but do not meet- what a simple idea to question as not a theorem and yet beyond the simple questioning we find the more deeply relevant and profound. N-dimensional Sudoku anyone? Su257> Su4097 is that possible? and Ulla can we not at least in our imaginations of adding some unity to the experience and conception of the world not reasonably choose a holding term like supergravity that is not longer the ghostly gravity? To see this I briefly thought I could start again with totally new ideas and terms now that all the hints of physics have been arrayed in my mind.

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The PeSla
very interesting.

From my view, not sure what are the equivalence classes for the dimensions involved or why your formulas have such high numbers, that this center piece is the center of the 81 elements of the hypercube. It of course would be the one in the next highest space.

It reminded me of the Big Bang singularity (or in a sense a half-singularity if that makes sense Smile

Space begins at four dimensions in our deeper understanding of it.

I enjoyed your personal commentary on your last post- I feel a look into a theoreticans mind is made much clearer by such autobiographical issues as well the passion in theories we so often teach as if it had no origin in passion.

So, what would the Sukodu game look like with 257 hints?

the Pe Sla

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This should be relevant and interesting- light and charge on the pico scale? I think it will lead to some interesting technology when they develop it beyond line land.

Here, science daily... it vaguely suggests to me with the four waves a sort of first quasic slit experiment... metaphorically at least. But other such symmetries are there as in those of the red blood cells.

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