Monday, January 16, 2012

The Prime Rodeo

The Prime Rodeo L. Edgar Otto January 16, 2012

Well, Green Bay did not play well. I was sort of paying half attention and had a premonition the day before... the gods do not always hear Tebow prayers or victory dances after the touchdown. And the San Fran game and last few games were rather record breaking. Now the long sabbatical for the cheese-heads. The old meTV nostalgia channel is on but after awhile old shows, even the Noir genre, just cannot be as exciting as it was in the past. Time is for a lot of people a measure that just goes on and they are equal to it- nothing to waste while the waiting, no disappointments or expectations, no great disruption in the climate of their times. I guess the argument is more that we perceive things more than influence them in these matters of how we feel the most creative in what correct universe. All this of course can be radically changed- but it takes a lot and is very rare- that place where we acknowledge the millions of years to get to the sit coms as if evolution gives us the lottery new born to which we try to pile on this awareness again of a new lottery while the living beyond lightning striking us twice.

On thought that I decided to convey as a comment to Pitkanen last night: The philosophical question is- what do we mean by wasting time?

" People like us...know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion."
- Albert Einstein


How much of other physics values can be like this concept? Chirality? Charge? Space and Mass? Gravity?

What is time that we can be said to waste it with knots and braiding theory or waste it doing endless diagonalization of matrices? (or we open the oyster to find the pearl through the p-adic, adelic ,cracks?

If we go deep enough into the depths will we at last find a stable world encompassing everything explaining all variations and anomalies? Do we want this for our grounding that our consciousness is a screen of bare charges made of shifting sand?

hammed, quantum theory cannot yet explain why separate sheets take charges or how tape pulled apart emits x-rays... or how bits of ice build up lightening. How might such things fit in the TGD framework?

The PeSla who had nothing to post today but wondering about someone a few years ago in the science chat rooms who once looked at quasics and said "I hope your are not just wasting your time diagonalizing matrices."

Also Kea answered my comment with this informative local lore and observations (I posted the video on facebook and some people liked such videos.

KeaJan 15, 2012 03:51 PM

The Pe Sla,

they are even more fun in their natural habitat. Alas, their numbers are in rapid decline, due to introduced predators and other human influences. I think they just would escape extinction, through adaption, if it weren't for the fact that some fuckwits still poach them. Not for money (their carcasses are worthless) but out of sheer spite (most moronic urbanites don't like being outwitted by a bird, and they have some bizarre notion that the kea should respect human property laws - like we respected theirs?).

But I remember the days when gangs of teenage kea would haunt all the main climbing huts/camps. They certainly know how to open and close bolt latches, so hut doors had to be fitted with heavy iron bars. Apparently they once locked two climbers in a hut by bolting the door on the outside. I am sure it was deliberate. And my favourite: at French Ridge we would always warn the foreigners to keep their boots inside (rather than dry them on the deck) so they only had themselves to blame when the kea dragged a boot to the 1000m drop near the hut. You would enjoy the 'keeeawww' cry of amusement as they watched it drop off.

* * * *
The illustration for this post shows a lady riding the bronco (as all theories are the stud of Alexander, youth to be tamed, and even might kick my quasic ass) she is roping in a universe of sorts with a rope made of her braided hair. Now there is the forumula for the Catalan numbers (associated with the associahedra and the sort of thing one might think related to p-adic even and odd factorials and so on. But I am not sure how well I understand all of this ultimately... still, how can one side of the issue see the other as a waste of time? Both or none or all of us wasting time? Yet they seem to agree on that such a level of topologies and arithmetic can find the masses of particles- In the center is Ulams map of primes of which I use the golden section to five levels as if to mimic the quasic grid.

It is a slow day I guess- sometimes it is all for the arts sake. I sleep late lately in the return of winter, grow too fat, and like the parrots sometimes have to find clay to eat to take out the toxins from what they have to digest.

I am open to suggestions for new areas to research and I forgot for yesterdays post for a video the second high school experiment was an oil sphere in alcohol and water, mixed to be sorted out with what looks like a ring of Saturn from the chaos.
But oil and water flow models are just too simple- the gyroscopes in all directions to try to figure out where things turn in four space certainly teaches us a lot about how we see the upward direction and truly must understand momentum. I may not post but I did not want to stop in what may appear a non-objective argument. It is most obvious our world in not yet mature enough to be safe for enquiry- and that goes for the mixed feelings Lubos and I have for those who work on the particle frontiers of any people.

* * * * *


  1. Why are you doing this? What does it gives you? It stinks, PeSla.

    1. I do not understand what you are asking me, Ulla. Part of my interest was some of the questions you were asking in Matti's comments which seemed to me to be getting more advanced.

      As I said, I want to raise the bar a little.

  2. My personal concerns in midwinter may relate, posted as facebook statuses.

    L. Edgar Otto
    From the digital converter we have two channels now back up- one is the MeTV on fox 48.2 and ThisTv will be on again (sure beats infomercials and repeated news in the middle of the night.) MeTV seems to cover a wide range of the golden age of television, the classics. But is strange watching them as technology has grown and well, there are differences like fewer minorities or other social issues. Was this a better time and how the cities were? Gee, all the actors are dead now... yet from an existential point of view that is what we see in any living but still photo.

    L. Edgar Otto
    I dreamed last night I was enrolling in a university facing what all you new students do the way things have changed but I realized it was just a formal sounding name for a grade B community college as universities are these days mostly a long delayed adolescence. What the market will bear I told them- let us all drop out, make our own jobs and schools, not look for some deal to return to them already too much consumer riot frenzy. Drop out, fire them thereby, and save human knowledge and civilization. Dont bother voting either, your identity is your own and no half ass bureaucrat should be allowed to cover half of it.

    L. Edgar Otto
    Gee, I just had to calculate my age. Sometimes I forget I am now old.

    Douglas Warns i'm starting to get that problem too

    L. Edgar Otto Problem? hmmmm You see Doug time flows two ways- The clock lies but not my speeds up, grows younger, gets hornier, but the clock ticks as our collective measure, sand running out- or perhaps I miss my daddy sometimes... for on the other side of that dark mirror of existence you and I -not he- may protest the dimming light. We should have been the generation near immortal- but we are forever young. Does the world begin or end in some mythical 2012?