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Of Stars and Butterflies, Numbers and Dimensions

Of Stars and Butterflies Numbers and Dimensions L. Edgar Otto Jan. 28, 2012

I ended this posted series of papers with the quote on the nature of predictions, both from a scientific and more magical or subjective consideration which seems at the paradox of quantum theory as interpreted in relation to materialism and super-symmetry ideas ( this is also a confusion of directions in space as well as time- in the age where a child sees the world outside his family as the Noir, maybe that reflected in people taking cues and fashion from the movies- in the cold war- did not the Marxist idealize the material? Or perhaps Lenin wisely quantized the party into soviets and also acknowledge the party as defined by electrification. In any event if some had studied Engels then the dialectical ideas of electromechanics and the technology would have been advanced by fifty years.) So is it the left or right on which the God that failed was such a social experiment, more mystical than scientific? Am I to believe the news that the right wing who so vote are less educated and generally more stupid or is it that our universities remain still the last bastion of Marxism on the left?

Anyway, Lubos has an interesting post beginning with a statement on predictions and apparently in reaction against who he perceives to be anti-quantum theory: I quote some random parts of it:

"However, at the same moment, the new and more accurate theory often leads to predictions that are pretty much indistinguishable from the predictions of the old theory, at least when we only talk about a class of limiting situations that may be "special" from a theorist's viewpoint but that can still be de facto covering all of our life i.e. that can be "universal" from a practical person's viewpoint."

"When I look at the actual abilities of quantum physics to confirm various beliefs held by the superstitious and supernatural people, I don't find too many. What quantum mechanics is actually able to do is to overcome various results of classical reasoning such as Bell's inequalities or the predicted results for spins in the GHZM experiment, Hardy's paradox, and other quantum games. However, the "truly spiritual and superstitious people" wouldn't be able to calculate the predictions in these situations even classically so I don't think that quantum mechanics should be able to legitimately move physics closer to their hearts."

Thank you Lubos, but I am not sure the question of if science has abandoned materialism makes sense or is a conflict in itself in possible systems beyond the quantum formulations.

Also, and I have not been keeping up with him enough, this fellow blogger I follow had some interesting posts lately like this one. He keeps up with the science news and speculations and the link here he offers is worth the reading for its view on dimensionality.

I posted this on facebook status today:
L. Edgar Otto
A problem with communications around the world on the internet is that it does little to help one keep track of the date or day, for there can be confusions where someone else thinks its a different date. That and time being a rather fluid thing and sometimes depending on what we are doing or how naps may change things, we may in a sense lose or gain days or find them in sync. This is a human condition like associating names to different places where you know people in some role. It is freedom in the now and distinguishing the real- not necessarily a case of the absent minded scientist lost in his creativity or going down I-94 deep into the texting on the cell phone.

* * * *
I had a thought of which I may have not written down somewhere clearly- that of the role of Dihedrons as general objects with not necessarily a zero volume but more like a time volume (one in any case of the expansion and contractions) of which from the quasic view I could imaging these abstract roles as the TGD mouths of wormholes?

I have come to realize also the very questionable idea of a half singularity (where I write it as half infinity) seems more solid as if a mirror along the diagonal plane and this may be the case in ordinary matrix theory- we are at that half infinity in each moment and perhaps in the return of moments... in the count of the abstract pixels, half the diagonal it seems at least from the intuitive geometrical view (after all duality is not all and everything as in Rowlands quantum world- one that by the way convincingly shows how relativistic views and renormalization are not needed as adjustments in some nilpotent cases so in a sense the classical and relativistic distinction is not that radical a truth or description of reality. So here we ask, as with our suggestive hypnosis of the need to seek for certain formulations of super-symmetries if they can be seen, as if not seen already, or in a sense seen materiality and in a reductionist view the goal, we certainly should begin starting with triality and beyond or integrate such concepts into the whole before the past or future before us or future or past after us bounces into that flat plane of half singularity and finds its directions. On that diagonal as in the tricube (really of six bi colors merged to gray of the 30 cube two tone sets) we in a sense add the idea of 8 of 16 reflected back to origins (I call this the Fayray, that is for those who would say "no way fay", ahh the beauty here and the the beasts!) thus we demonstrate, in the reduction as if to found some theory of holography of information phenomena and surface mixings the intelligible conditions of both the counting and the shapes or forms of things as we learn to recognize such concepts of patterns.

* * * * * The cover photo of this post is the city in the distance including a steeple and hospital seen through the branches in winter, also part of the next door brick wall. I take this as a metaphor of these unified aspects of philosophy we might emphasize as spiritualism or materialism as the issue. I meant to type out and of course revise a little the two themes- one inspirational one technical of the visualization view of how nature sees her dimensions. But I am short of time- I may do it later.

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