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QCD Triality and New Consequences for Topology

QCD Triality and New Consequences for Topology L. Edgar Otto Jan. 28, 2012

One consequence of the depth of view some of the alternative physics bloggers have put forth is a whole new understanding and summary of physical and epistemological processes. Many ideas relating to the dark matter-continuum ideas seem to converge in our general directions of research and thinking.

I post my informal counting and errors, usually involving signs which on the level of Peter Rowlands "nilpotent" formulism generalizes the world into all scalars and all positive. But these forms are not needed save for specific areas of application, as I posted, Triality (and beyond) is a general property of numbers that on several levels result in the same sort of structures reduced (here by the threes- the logic a mixing as with Pierce's "threeness" in the permutations of his syllogisms. Numbers, and the generalization of numbers as vectors, ultimately do not depend on the signs including imaginary concerns, twists and turns- yet this is a big part of it of which if we are to unify existing physics on the topological and arithmetical level we should do so giving these view equal weight.

Now I could have developed this in terms of number theory and it may already be but not interpreted as such- that is 2n and 2n + 1 restricted to the odd and eveness of properties and dimensions. So the reading of such algebra, even when developed, should not be reduced as to obscure the utility of composite directions (beginning with the ancient term called gender wherein 2 and 3 as six begin things. Moreover, this related to the p-adic concepts, to be relaxed likewise. It relates to combinotorics in the sense of what order powers to powers may be taken in the duality of things in the permutations, that reflected in geometric representations such as braids and such- but we can go beyond the idea of simple duality and the formula admitting division as a partial property of time and space for the perfection of Mersenne type calculations. It is the concept of operations, where for example we may not distinguish something as simple as multiplication and addition and the logical properties that can be paradoxically raised in abstract structures and motions- especially triplication or four fold systems involving a shadowy abstract concept of inertia as motion or rest (mass for a photon for example as such a concept of rest where it applies in some field.)

At unity, a quasic pixel, here the series of numbers (ending in 6 as it relates across the quasic plane directions of gender, and new ideas of generations generalized and most every other concept such as a triad of Leech lattices ...)we find at the origin of a system a natural inversion or mirror that must go beyond the pattern as a fraction- such as 1/2 and usually in a triality field even the sub reductions of such superimposed thus invisible numbers do intelligibly add up to give us the essential group values of things like inversions and rigid rotations.

By these reductions of space- and may we ask if some sort of physicality are to be the mediators say of energy or connection to a field, gauge (the abstraction of some matrices that imply such analogous structures as in Kea's first paper cited on this blog on neutrinos and quarks turns out to be a three way deal- as in Weyl, and more)
One might properly ask not what gives mass but also what is the mediator of symmetry and its operational structure in the vacua of the universe- we see then that as Rowlands pointed out for the first few group numbers and their subgroups- with the idea that groups up to E8 are the ones of interest to physics- and that part of the picture is one of simple three space and particles that do not need an outside renormalization in the mathematics or physicality, the idea of Higgs is at the frontier of higher systems itself, the number of Higgs comes up, the value of its mass as a particle- yet from the view of reduced triality this is a "hopeful monster" itself as our experimental data seems to tease us in the finding out. The same can be said for some rather surprising phenomena of the tauons and top quarks- I am sure the competent physicists out there can relate this intelligible to what is meant by the main diagonals and the information encoded therein, in a unified system much as a reduced idea of pure holography and fractal chaos.

I know that in a sort of depth, inverted into the not so simple idea of the nucleus, the "little planet" like concept, with the simplification and confusion of binary powers in the quasic field thus the inverse square laws, or 4th power laws, may have restraints somehow just as we imagine them in the greater span of the macrocosm. That is to say, just how far can we go into this depth of dark or shadow continua? My 15 color cubes of six values may have some sort of particle meaning if we do imagine them as mediators inside the nucleus- but these cannot be simply gluons that exclude the same color and are not privileged in the global triality of such space.

I find of of interest that the (by simple counting and an openness to and invisibility of absolute numbers or signs in trivial binary powers where numbers are the innate confusion that cannot be programmed in our calculators) that such numbers end in 6, or 80 and that these grow rapidly down the quasic diagonal. It is a matter of adding 5 or 80 or 1280 and so on to successive quasic state unity cells in the patterns of five (by shift from zero this means of course 5 + 1, but do we not always forget to count ourselves in a group or start the calendar at zero? Again, how far can this process go and what new forms of higher matter is possible and why if they are, and not say hidden in quasars, dimensionally, are they not here and now?

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Well, it seems an hour after posting this Fermilab takes up Kea's and My themes for the day... and of this post I am in very much close agreement with the spirit of its philosophy to the extent is looks at physics if not the new physics.

Here Fermilab

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Oh, I put this comment on Kea's post when I first came on... (of course I post it here as reference as I never expect anyone to approve of my comments if only that they may be off topic in some sense. But it is beautiful that someone offered an intelligent theory and explicitly stated it- even when long off on such mountains of research all on their own...

Kea, I am impressed. As Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said in your link MOND :

"The more people don't explore new ideas, the more you can play with them;)"

But I do not regard these ideas as unorthodox but the new physics mainstream, and your paper a critical insight (of course your explorations will surely evolve more).

You and some of the other bloggers have deep and fundamental connections here in this age of awakening.

I am glad I do not play alone in the sandbox... whatever the nature of sand. New and informal speculations posted mentions your insights, synchronously it seems.

The Pe Sla (who is wondering if the crack sand for natural gas recovery will have its cost on the health and environment... here from he Sandhills of Wisconsin.)

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