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Gyroscopes and Quasic Energy

Gyroscopes (Scoping the Gyres) and Quasic Energy L. Edgar Otto Jan. 29, 2012

The excesses certainly can be seen as evidence of super-symmetry, say of photons that expand from their condensed triality. Kea, among the theories of dark matter and like phenomena makes the leap to this of many possible explanations. From that hint and leap I must apply it to my system and the wider concept of quasic energy. Forgive me the sense of awe (but not fear as science can ameliorate that in us) and elevated, poetic mood as is perhaps our state if we think about cosmology. You can tell from the range of complexity of my writings above, and if one day they can be easily accessed by computer methods of analyzing script and photos, that the scope of the vision is a wide panorama itself a sort of scale invariance.

The Footnote:

The fluidity and fluency I found in number and space structures I also find and acknowledge for words. Poetic moods and sensitivity to the extent of our creativity and experience allows -including error- sporadically arising and correcting somewhere in awakenings facts as if anew in time.

In this sense we all learn new languages or are influenced by their styles and use by others if learning becomes yet originates as our own. This seems true despite whatever content of deeper meanings or parallels of connections in the span if we race to the skies or rest in contemplation at our own center of existing, and whatever the case we find of reality in the highest or lowest remote scales- that words may have, isolated and lonely in our sand box or falls, know our hope filled fellowship has togetherness, Love.

In the quest for understanding many have made an essential leap (and ultimately for whatever reason the gods are silence and they bravely explore left to their own) taken a small step that adds to the body of literature, library, and raises the bar of human cognition.

Most of them known only among the pantheon of theorists, some little known who took the step, did the work to its critical mass dawning, bare the burdens, first almost in disbelief felt and the joys of discovery. These were not household names, but even fame can have its intrusions and expectations on the authors. Lonesome is the vision and deeper concerns far from the popularity of others, the circles of peers and the crowd. Those with still unanswered concerns at the frontier of contemplations
which no one can judge such artists or advise him in such work.

I have been a fool like any man, social status collapsing, so to meet the damsel in distress, her tears a weapon. In fame it is often the power (ignorance as an evil) that is protected at the cost of truth so war is waged on other theories regardless of its fact or some hold that there is no such truth ultimate or possible at hand.

We do not need in our explorations to commit to some view, save existentially. We receive the eternal signal of wisdom as if the work of world building must take its time. Only in retrospect can we make a sound, and artistically accentuated story that stands out from the events and meanings of our journey that it seems or is the most important, and highly unique thus creative, thing. Even if a fluency in what the world and gods debate as to a language of lies and blasphemy.

So I cannot make the leap, commit to some destiny as some physicists think they can do, nor hold there is the immanent Deity we can imagine (the one God in his silence too, loading the dice and apparently leaving the game at least for awhile without explanation.) Nor can I fall into a sterile nothingness as the vision in answers. I was always free not to, not cup, to ground the reality of God but that has been a remote echo of wonder in the back of my mind but far even from natural living in the night with colour and light in my dreams. Evil souls- and how we characterize them in a universe without characterization - cannot discern the glory or the insanity of visions and even live as if they know they do not know but hide it if hiding from the work of knowledge and wisdom they relish the freedom to do wrong unto others.

But if among you gods of theory, you cannot see, after the long and careful climb the heights as if into the depths the likes of Pagels did and quantum physicists drawn to mountains tend to do, perhaps to fall, reaching, reach the bottomless lakes where theories dissolve along with reason... Kea's take on the grounding of the dark continuum as the correct step that you cannot distinguish its wider significance, then you are no physicist, even in the physics of the new.

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The fluidity

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