Thursday, January 19, 2012

Quasic Permutation and Sukodu Grid Projects

Quasic Permutation and Sukodu Grid Projects
L. Edgar Otto (The Pe Sla) January 19, 2012

Of all the related Sukodu solutions the final array I will regard as a standard for now, it does not contain diagonal solutions. The minimum clue can be 16 or less including what we may understand from the grid shape and number alone. Of all the zillions of related number solutions I follows those closely related even when they did not appear in two space as a solution to see what happens in their three space representation. There are many ways to explore this fundamental symmetry operation and apply it to things like particle physics. The notation suggests a much wider view of the influence of duality, three dimensionality, and viriality in the next low dimensions some try to confine space and its compliments within.

Perhaps it is time I finally got some of these methods computerized. I also need to enlarge the grid of 81 as writing in it was so very small and I had to up the lighting at night. But the graph papers helped and fortunately and intuitively they were designed for other purposes earlier on in this blog.

I note in the last "clue standard page" that we can have also diagonal planes that include the nine numbers.

This is a new way to see where the absolute chance and probability meets the absolute determinate cause and mechanism as a foundation for what seems to encompass our useful informational possibilities of physical dynamics including the biological structures.

The philosophy of this page may likewise integrate some ideas of consciousness or make the issue clearly besides the project- but it does not address the foundations or existence and our greater concept of uniqueness in the realm of the gods.

As to twistors resolving naturally or by default to the idea of gravity this needs a further generalization with the quasic permutations in mind and is after all an existence relation of inertial things such as what defines mass. What in fact decides the quasic weight between the generations? Complexity, numbers, coincidence?
I hope these view raise the bar for the theoretical calculations of our finite particles and infinite group matrices- after all, in matters of the dimensionless in both the concern of Eddington and Dirac this is the logical quasic generational state of the geometry of the universe... As things seem to more or less intelligibly match- or that they may appear to expand and accelerate upon some foundations generalized as to patterns and formuli, on the small and great scales of things, we should generalize both the finite number of particles in the universe (or as Eddington says the Uranoid) to the parameters of mass and gravity intelligibly connected (as Dirac intuits), or the issues of steady states or the universe arising from singularity, the philosophy should concern these symmetries, (the HyperUranoid).

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