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Future Dark (Noir) Matter Effects and Technologies

Future Dark (Noir) Matter Effects and Technologies L. Edgar Otto Jan, 29, 2012 by The Pe Sla I could add another effect but that would be a discussion on the software, a simulation, rather than the hardware of the truth of a physical experiment when true. But as with the evidence that may come from such predictions it is not clear where, finally, the software and the hardware is distinguished or begins.

I believe this is about all that can be said for awhile so I will return to other projects but be near on line if anyone needs clarification. Good Luck, Good Creativity, and Good Enquiring, one and all! Our bright futures may have something more than hopeful substance after all... :-)

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The Learning Machine XVI
Braids of Time L. Edgar Otto Jan.31, 2012

I cannot quote yet from the few living masters, their manuscript closer to
be ready for publication, the three who would meet for dialog, long workers
Above the trend now explained as science, above economy and epistemology
the ancient quest, some of faith only in their world view, all the civil rights love fest.

For the issue is time and causation, the uniqueness of history, the right and the left
each to claim that A is A or A is not A, no simple unities or dialectics, the world
Itself the experiment as to what is awakening and what converges to scarcity.

Again that the pink unicorns not existing makes the old gray mare all the more real.

Have you felt less real these last few days because your friend became news
waiting until the spring thaw, past his expiration date to rise from the river?
Is the reality of his crash into the zero speed limit roadsigns made your life less real?
How is it you assume his was a rational departure, no accident or stumble and
without some cause, not the surprise of those re-awaking recalling the pain so leap?

The fuzzy world has a place where the ghosts wait for some spring thaw likewise.
not far from the place where in searches sometimes nothing is ever found.
Memories, buried so they cannot haunt and we can be sure in closure, time itself
history assumed real or phantom in the hidden trees of depths that moves times

Ties it up into braids like shepherd moons in the rings of Saturn, and in the cosmic
scheme of perfection the paths meet of dust, the Jupiter's to deflect and eat the comets
At the final cloudy moment where things gather that do gather, the giant Red Spot
and the Hexagon at the poles, equators moving slower than they, in layers.

In this world, stuck on some shadows, his body seen through binoculars trapped on
the shallows, his face not seen, and never known he wore camouflage, soaked, bloated
We note he is missing his left hand and the right arm frozen into position.

For some souls, what was solid in their lives in the face of great news, as if the reality of
the battle ground sits in to the young there in circumstance warriors, what was their
Solid life and purpose, already lost in dream, seems more real- or that myth that the
ones down to earth not dreamers imagines the swimmer taking its reality with him.

Worry not which is now the ghost, or what the grounding of the world that you think must
have its answer... Even in these days wider the invisibility as we at one with our consciousness
As to the unique history of our life stream and its vanishings we are all the necromancer.

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