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A Second Gravity and Unicorn Mass

A Second Gravity and Unicorn Mass
L. Edgar Otto January 23, 2012

"That Pink Unicorns do not exist makes the Old Grey Mare all the more real..." from an old dusty book on logic.

The Learning Machine (X)
L. Edgar Otto Jan. 23, 2012

A page & the fall of words down it, square & blank
whatever the substance of colour or invisible the ink
The story foreseen at some life's beginning, who facing
our universal fears of being as individuality found,
Surviving the blinding freeze of vertigo, we can stand alone.

A portal into wider worlds by golden and silver keys
taught to reckon & read, lay down & direct memories
But there are levels of such portals & on each level
we long for more or struggle to be satisfied with our one &
Only painting on a canvass or choice to call its emptiness art.

The SphereFarmer & the Farmer's wife, white lightning
in their hands, they full of meaningless laughter
We annoyed by those who cannot handle their spirits
or worse, She in the sky beckoning, reaching, a source of
Fear, but sometimes evil ones along the way become our saviors.

These pages of parchment, fibers made of driftwood soaked
on which we write the magic words, floor plans & recipes
Become pages made of light, in former times thought crazy
in those passed into exuding into that world drunken dreams
Yet in the dream of unicorns magic & our souls come home again.

If indeed a dream can dream or the daylight then a dull forever
for to enter the highest level, the Farmer's wife high in
Her alcove above the arcade entry into the tunnel of love &
skeletons to scare the ladies into the arms of sailors
Is to face our highest unknowns & fears, those too beyond ideas of vanishing.

Can we know if a unicorn can break out and prove things in the margins & between the lines...?

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I made this comment on this blog Here:
which I found from a blogger I follow on Intangible Materiality


I venture to suggest there are other reasons possible than the impetus to colonize a galaxy- for eventually that galaxy will shrink and become isolated anyway in the very long run.

I do not see our becoming some sort of virtual or digital singularity nor the necessary need for resources as a likely idea- nor that a civilization self-destructs at some point in its own achievement of technology.

I see the distinct possibility that civilizations, not just some disembodied sentience, find better ways to turn the vacuum into useful worlds and spaces before the need to explore what amounts to after all enough room in a galaxy to insure the rising of at least one world of life - maybe the uncanny idea of isolation as if we specially created really applies to the galaxy level- after all in Einstein's time it thought but the only island.

The PeSla at www.pesla.blogspot.com
who just happens to have brought up such speculation lately.

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I found this again and meant to post it for a reminder as a reference- a general way to view Sukodu as the hypercube:

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