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Are Gravity and Matter Illusions

Are Gravity and Matter Illusions L. Edgar Otto Jan. 21/22, 2012

In the cover illustration to this post I realized the description of the zeros in the nilpotent algebra with a physical bias over the synthetic mathematical abstraction of Peter Rowland's philosophy- my quasic fulfilling his criteria but with a wider or different conclusion (before the fact of reading him or anyone- but I must admit it took awhile as he advised to understand his book in depth) that what he was describing about the zeros in the algebra was already described in the dimensions here involved as if the limit of cycles and ottonions for such grids in whatever form of symmetry breaking. Now, we can say this extends , as he says may even describe parallel universes in the idempotent model I imagine- but the issue of such philosophies of number certainly contrasts the more speculative theories of our time as to what is reasonably sound math or physics grounding and experimental reaches- for how can we not contrast the idea of inflation scenarios at odds with the idea of baby universe scenarios as a product of this level of human intuitive reasoning although not resolved. That mass or energy relates to the space or is not related, or related in a sort of organic but unified way over local and continuous if not imaginary time is still a question relating to light itself upon its still not quite explainable source. Light changes space and space the light as well the choice or recognition of charge in potentially time traveling spinning systems- but what of the idea of infinite velocity of spin and so on? One thing for sure, and I am not sure if he will be widely read or how one might really peer review his work and his allies in the net or other hard cover journal publications, is that in the casual learning I encountered those with ideas of the foundations of which they would do well to know about certain objections or enhancements to their theories before they assert what they seem to know of a system, their system, or the beauty we as learning creatures feel thereof. The again if the free speech of the world is not open and the birthright of all of us how can there be a world of free enquirey?

"Looking back, the SphereDream, fifth dimension of my Godhead, my soul integrating through time and that metaphor of the endless beach and the one central city of Far-Rock'a'bye in which Olney had is adventures parallel to this world, and to the eschatology of worlds, SpheresEnd."

"As a child in the back seat of the old two toned '53 Chevy at the square dog drive in- you see someone had the cleaver idea to slice hot dogs and put them between two slices of white bread, needless to say the Whooper at about the same time survived to this day- I was deep in thought and asked my father what is beauty, I just do not understand it. He dismissed it saying it will come to me as he was rather busy ordering and all. I felt like I had lost something and was lacking something I might never understand. Something important.

Once I asked my Dad what if I could finally explain magnetism- he an electronic engineer and all.
Nothing much he said- they would just put your name into a big obscure book - but it did not dampen my curiosity or that he was not excited as we can dream too much to present to him some thought or vision.

Yet in the looking back I would probably say to myself- you are a little young to understand that for theories and causes Beauty can be very seductive and lead you to her path."

The Learning Machine (III)

Together we are salt, neutral and equal,
interlaced our lattices, solid & square, my points &
your body centered, rare of Earth and coarse the savor on
our taste buds - compact to crystallization my body
your centered heart, of one unique yet disembodied soul
so close and set, once our distance of love is measured

So what does it matter to the gods, blind within ourselves
to Love's compliments if Love goes one way or is
mutual attraction, the same description really?

Not just the God-fer-sure copper warms our world, cracks &
polar shifts & bouts of island making lava.
But the chaffing of our surprises & let downs, vibrations
that can be dissolved & diluted taking passion's permanance
fore-granted as if the sins of love have sparks & room to be
passed to our offspring.

The crystalline abyss in the creative center of the Earth
builds in us as does the desire from hope amplified
beyond the source of light that time has its compensations
as a comforter. The gods prime the pumps, conserve the seed crop.

What can I say as we read all & none of the mind of
our lover, her orbit to enter from forever for there to leave
again - so close the dream on which requited love depends,
but one unique message in the Latte sky & blue, pretend
in peace that we knew, one passed this way, His message true,
who loved you.

* * *

The Learning Machine (IV)

What do you see beyond the intangible materiality
spirits of the air, echoes of the dead, a holy host?
Spacemen once the gods but now the gnome & gnats, gnarly
knot holes full of demons singing upward, conjuring Zeus's lightning?
Afraid as the world is pulled by good and evil spectres
your stumble or dive off the mountaintop, become the Beast?
Or that its you who create such songs lost into the
cold & oxygen thin wind, boiling at blood temperature?

Perhaps snow blind for it is you full of desire to speak
words unsaid or not spoken, nor a simple goodbye or
Good voyage, accepted closure in parting wakes aware
that will not let go finding his flesh dust less than a beast?
I say to you, shadow to shadow in reflections, each a
one way mirror of heavier weights of waves & circumstance,
Our fortunes tangled that my burden seems the worse
for those around me who survived to me as if
Vanishing in time & space while I still haunt this Earth.

No Beast or angelic soul can race Zeno down
the rabbit hole, nor jump all the way up or down
The shells of turtles holding up the worlds
meant or never meant to be, their time said come &
Filled complete after the fact & fall into the firmament.

At least we in our wounded stupor, no clock for our coma
in the light of day trading our summers until all
Winters gone, we at the anti-poles of anti-poles and so on...
know well but cannot make the leap that the truly
Departed feel joy & grief & dismay still by us beyond forlorn.

* * *

The Learning Machine (V)

Individuality & uniqueness do not always match,
be the same singularity where the universe unique is
That one & only moment & near miss as once you came
so close to the dream but we never passed a kiss.

Half dazed, amazed at how the bagpipes hum and hang
so many granite valley echoes beckoning in the
Landscape not all explored or dreamt about as stars
* dust age * merge inevitability incomplete given
Infinite time looking back & going back, you spinning Dervish.

If the wormhole of your gut, outside contained inside,
you thin is yours internalizing the universe is too long
To endure its coiled up folded snake which way
points out from the mouth of lies begins at the wrong end
Hungry for the truth, weapons of deceit, if that matters,
then over wings of time no hopeful monsters would
Be here to dream, feel secure awhile in the world.

Time and space, its gravities & energies, where everlasting
are neither conserved or not-conserved, the eternities
For as time and matter is illusion beyond the see-saw
between solidity & nothingness, all vibrations real &
Virtual, absolute, mass & time seem like that dream of a God,
although Heaven can seem solid, sure to gain by paths
Beyond the furnaces of liquid helium & lead & coal ash.

But even the Buddha returned again & again must find &
learn, reach the end of his enlightenment's, or the
Once & only Prophet, His single & unique echo must ride
his visions of a higher sky tinkering with his zen motorcycle.
Joseph too must teach the Vision with us, carpentry.

* * * * * *

And a reply from Lubos:


I wonder if in some sense string theory once grounded (say limiting the number of possible vacua) surpasses quantum theory or is another deeper variation. Maybe this is but a philosophic stance- do you think the physics is primary that directs our math or the mathematics is primary? But your statement that the variations are not incompatible is a great step in unification.

The PeSla

Lubos Motl
Dear The PeSla,

your question is an interesting one, and the answer is multidimensional. String theory is 1) fully mathematically equivalent to a quantum field theory in various superselection sectors, 2) string theory is another quantum field theory because it preserves various inequalities and analyticities that may be proven for a pretty generic QFT although ST is the only example where they are actually saturated, 3) string theory is a generalization of QFT.

ST may look "totally new" because unlike QFT in the bulk, it contains UV-complete quantum gravity; at the same moment, it is"as conservative an extension" of QFT as you can get because anything more "revolutionary" is probably guaranteed to be inconsistent.

I think that in the inner structure of things, maths is primary and physics is the most important and most universal "application" of some maths, the important one.

* * * *

I wonder if by generalizing Feymann diagrams some of us mean something different than my quasic view or say the application of groups as a secondary thing beyond a certain cycling? String theory by what Lubos says certainly would be such a generalization if it is already a generalization of the quantum theory.

But let us go a little deeper to make sense of the metaphysics of the above poems, I mean say the question of the observed force of the virtual contributions to the mass of a particle and the evidence of the Casmir force and the idea that the brane like objects of spheres and planes may have a direction as to the placement of charge and its sign- at least in an (Omnic) universe on the run. Now if a spinning ray of light also exhibits this phenomenon of time travel (not my idea but more like others and of course Godel, Einstein riding a frame dragged spinning ray of light like a cat that always falls on his feet but he is sandwiched between to slices of toast and the jelly side is up which of course always falls jelly side down. I do not know in the quantum world how conservative its extensions- but such a thing we should investigate if we can make the claim we can create matter from the raw and independent not able to have characterization non-necessary nothingness that may involve some natural restraint in itself and its unity. But here we should ask the obvious anyway- it appears in some theories at least that matter in some sense is here and could have been created or will end in the eschatology of the once or forever or the ultimate resolution of ideas of spin as well as complexity at endtimes or times that are real in any scenario of expanding ideas or baby universes and so on. Here we find the old anthropocentric argument as a concrete proof of reasoning or a cop out- as the questions remains still open and we cannot read while in it beyond the covers of our books.

As a crude first blush idea, revolutionary or revolting, could the nothingness before the breath of the universe's time become the absolute continuum and ground of mass after the universes deeper directed arrow of time? The again the quasic idea has this concept rather built in- it already addresses the dynamics of the aggregate and still wants to understand the spinning universe once stilled from some view and its dark matter-energy within. How can there be an universe if matter and time are illusions- how can we count on the momenta to make mathematical and physical sense of things when they are conserved or not, a universe of logic complete or not unto the level of things that we need to describe all we physically may know of this world?

* * * * *

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