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Will Groundhogs still Winter not seeing His Shadow

Will Groundhogs still Winter not seeing His Shadow L. Edgar Otto 02-01-12

I had a few relaxed and follow up thoughts, the dynamics in normal space in which the Feynman diagrams and their generalization for the new physics is possible and intelligible. But what is intelligible in the raw and simple counting does not always mean it represents a true state of the new physics, not even a numerology that adds up may make any sort of predictions to regard scientific- nor while it is possible to ignore some concepts or push them far away- say the evidence of new physics in a collider- this too has no bearing on the experimental or theoretical facts. There may be uncertainty before the explicit data and knowing, this does not mean the fact of something is or is not there in that knowing. Our logic too in its core and foundational designs shares with this view of deeper landscapes of reality the ability to reinforce as well as distinguish some things at the frontier of our cognitive dissonance.

(I do which in the defense of some of the alternative views there was not so much ranting complaining- it is not entertaining beyond a certain point- and it is pointless to label the apes with what they cannot understand- but this is a mediocre observation, a four edged sword itself to which the author of the article sent to me uses the same rhetoric- rather than present a positive and useful viewpoint- in which such rants may be important for original thought processes and may be forgiven- and so what if the apes forget it all.)

In the numerology note particularly the 96 based on the 24 hours... The nature of human thought at this juncture of history has to deal with these indiscernible discernibles. Now, I have seen, early on in the internet, a few sights that are endorsing this sort of crackpot argument- so yes Jesse I am interested, we should talk about it in the coffee shop over the new technologies in photography.

From our facebook:

Jackson Lund
thought you might think this is interesting
Time Cube

My reply:

L. Edgar Otto This sort of thing has been what is wrong with trying to bring knowledge to many on the internet. Again I ask, how many days are on the earth? But this is not asked for some reason to support such crackpot confusions. These people have a reasoning that one can see in the depths of real physics, of the new physics, but it is really about their psychology (the matrix movie was a good analogy for this author to use. It gives legitimate speculators on cosmology a bad name and does a disservice to progress in technology and enquiry. The world is coincidentally intelligible so the numbers add up- the cognitive dissonance of the authors are lacking something in the big picture.

* * * *

My habit has been not to leave the blog at the end of an intense month but to begin at least the first day of the next month...

In my general scenario- and I feel I may have not communicated it well, but should at least add this for those who may have interest and understand the quasic ideas. I feel after relaxation and rest, but unfortunately no new music, and renewal of some friendships that I too was overly strict in some of my diagrams and interpretations- in that yesterday's speculation (I hesitated to post and that has been a pattern here on this creative blog) gives way to a sense of certainty, reality, and I add two strange new ideas as well as the description of the brane-quasic landscape and dynamics of post-quantum physics.

*1 The One-half law of thermodynamics: An isolated systems with deeper connections there centered or diffuse or aggregated in proximity, by force or fall, will tend to add to the coherence and unity of such a system, especially the organic, all at some level of complexity and some level of application of generational ordering.

*2 The Noirium Center Eras: By dark matter as if a dark atom on the same level of quasicity, as if an equivalence to the duplication of real structures and the imaginary ones as the same process, is not a deep enough idea- This implies that inside a nucleus, at some level of complexity,there can be smaller nucleus, the noirion, like a centromere in cell division but not necessary on the usual levels. Just as in a particle we can imagine this center- not necessarily dark, nor of some direction in space or time, as a complicated singularity with structure (such as the Kea theorem 24ness) the quasic era considered in totality as if a center as if a disembodied or distant big bang or inflation theory concept. Or in the general scheme of things with this view, Rio Frio with some such creative object, even if virtual in the "apparently hollow" center of the earth- that is a black hole that does seem to relate to the gravity and entropy and things like the background that adjusts the light speed.

*3 Landscape of the New Physics: The most general unified cosmology- the OMNIUM as background is a landscape much wider than that of the string and brane concepts- for it is conceived as a sea of branes that is contained in one brane. The landscape is so general that we cannot but diffusely define what a center is, what local is, what remote is... what the nature of information as to the styles of neutrinos is.

We imagine in the omnium as if an explorer of the landscape, a science fiction sort of idea I had thought about much earlier, some rules of the dynamics of it all- much like the bra ket notation with maybe ^ and V as well as |x> and so on- if at some point we can distinguish (on our journey) what is the up and down of the totality of a brane. For one thing the sea and the land in our maps at some shore may be interchanged. The direction up or down in space may be interchanged. The generational depth grid counts up and down and the ordering in time (which itself can be directionally interchanged) can reach some shore or singularity where our traveliers can so travel in new generational directions.

Let us forget for the moment what mechanisms makes the decisions to travel possible for the travelers. At any given moment they are caught as with ourselves while we exist in a slice of time or space, or even a slice in a sense of a brane. Let us also forget any history- as these sorts of theories with depth of hidden symmetries are debatable- as the grounding for the subconscious in psychodynamics- for it is clear that history and economics may obey such a trend as well evolution with it hidden genetics. Do we have super-singularities or not? Are these Machian in a sense if they are (as if a vacuum filled, or say a psyche or soul filled with a unique history) in the higher (exxene) relativity- above the gravity ideas that seems to relate overtly? For the coherence (resistance to mutation and definition of its individuality) in the Machian sense may be the properties of Norion super or dark continuum nuclei within. If so a wider world here for our view of genetics and for our medicines, healing, than we now have even if that is more than we at first imagined but a few years ago.

In the landscape, as if coming on a land mine, a supernucleus may explode into several lower level singularities, new matter, gamma bursts, an so on- all perhaps with the view to have everlasting or at least a sense of conservation laws.

I have tended to see my quasic grids at the cross centers as the statement of the generational state or level- (I lay issues aside of the grid itself in this more relaxed view of the landscape). It is clear however, to me last night, that we can with the rules seeming to underlying the overt world such as triality and order, color code the motions between such pixels of the grid and these do not need to be considered rigidly linear. On this we should be able to represent the Feynman diagrams in their generalization or reduction to their various possible particle scenarios... the Color here not one of order, nor as a dimension a dimension added in the generalization of length sense but of more information, to some extent is represents the direction of the quasic plane (turning the Feynman diagram at right angles to read the diagrams). Of course the drawing of such colored lines, curves points etc on the one multibrane can have its permutations and disembodied ordering all of which should be considered.

The landscape here I envision is of course wider than that of the mere string like theories. If as a background it would make for some interesting science fiction of a slightly new variety and generalization if it peopled with characters- simplified to treating the outer space as if we could travel on it by ship and so on--- one thing for sure, in our existing cosmological models there is great confusion as to what is some subdivision or not of the whole and what is multiple or parallel in our ideas of time and space- so we may as well base it on a metaphysics as some have seen fit to do with questionable assumptions grounding things like inflation theory by itself.

Triality (n-ality) is also a quasic and generational concept as dynamics as well it is the general case of what in some places in the landscape such as origins we regard as some sort of absolute as the colors of rest and motion mix, rest, and move.

* * * * *

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