Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Great Grand Quasi-paradox ( Scryview and Uniqueness beyond Nonnecessity )

The Great Grand Quasi-paradox
(Scryview and Uniqueness beyond Nonnecessity)

L. Edgar Otto   15 May, 2013

In greater, for all practical purposes, ultimate concerns, the enactment of form as creative or the focusing to the general fact or existential place or moment is the impassible wall in which an individual entity logically approaches yet only discovers an atmosphere of a paradox of isolation if not a state beyond existing.

In the ultranscontinuum, the raspberry extension of models of universe we reach a point in the intelligible quasifinite physics where if we are honest as living beings and theoreticians we comprehend that outside a certain sense of unity and focus we do not understand what is happening in the world as if despite its persistence we still may imagine much more may be going on, relevant our not to our span of being, of living, our tenuously focused neighborhood of time and space and all its interactions at all spans and depths to which we decide to discern or divine the laws based on what we thin, touch or view.

The general question, in my terms, amounts to some resolution be it a paradox or ultimate contradiction, and that it has always been hard to find a common term, Is there one or many as the issue that applies to the atmosphere we may or may not know or enter...the Omnium.  For now the issue is far away from our sense of the reality of our state of development, civilization, technology...  The unity of a number as prime may form the metalanguage of the present situation or we may only regard what is physical as a counting of place holder and unities of binary information which already within reason harbors half of the developing state of reality as zero, emptiness, that which may be the final ubiquity of social gravity rendering fanciful morals and ethics as irrelevant as our simplistic paradoxically possible of our tribal gods.

It may make little sense to everyone to say we in effect have to consider going beyond information as well as meaning in the places where the content meet and for some among us who live some way despite this, as important.  Our mental environs do seem to behave with certain ideas close to the physics of symmetry- not to say this is a comprehensive or even an illusion of what is the case.  We look up to the next level of complexity or look down and the viability as the ground may dominate the effects on general time and space equally well, and may or may not form a unified reality somewhere between such stances.

The vague range of such paradoxes I style great-grand following the wider vision of Conway for the four space solids as we should at least begin or be aware of these questions of higher space and our stances toward it.

In technology, programmed or with some sort of intuitive endowment, education, borrowing or mimicking the language, direct or indirect the influences of equally paradoxical others as if they too each all of the omnium,
we may base and so undermine an organism by its digital informational idea of interacting viruses including strings of data that undermine the data stream of certain structures.

We do not always see the consequences or outcomes of such an application of our technology for in such matters given the inevitable openness and freedom of it, we cannot see the universal terrain or assume it of such and such a reasonable state of certainty and expectations... we proceed ignoring the great grand paradox as we have done since the dawn of life that our code expression is a matter chance and favorable environment of recurring forms.

From the infinite and continuous aspects of a global (multi-verse or not) where the universe is everywhere or partly quasifinite we may approach from the viability of the opposite stance- that the environment including the imagined relations emerging as if an intelligence in some idea of connections or computation similar to the cloud is equally vulnerable to half vision of this paradox, for the next level of struggle between the builders, and the takers is the mastery of encoding such vague space, I style this venom.  And venom as surely as viruses may undermine the whole.

We need to have the option of pulling the plug, appealing to the empty option if such transnational (when will we learn the lessons of and surviving wars?) especially if the systems promoted, along with the opposite of purposes or intentions,  of lie to trick the masses into servitude which in the end even destroys the essence of capital itself along with the old form of credit or money, it too a state in the failed god of science as the old Marxism- that withers away.  When will our former competitors in the global science having reached the brink of extinction and survived keep some better faith in our innate human pragmatism?

Our generation has inherited a long range of growth of wisdom (and if anyone cannot see this philosophic writing as poetry and physics, my inclination is to think they are neither poets or physicists, at least in a more modern sense while we have the right or power to chose some state of wisdom under which to live, what does it ultimately matter?) so now we can finally begin the greater journey in this world of better choices in our evolution with sensible but not overly strong restraints.  I hold it must (and that is a word I am rarely prone to use) begin with education.  Not that a state as it becomes more powerful arms itself against its own people nor that the people grow in arms as the ticking clock to inevitable ends beyond control to indifferent vanishing of both... but the measure of a nation as to its PhD's as well caring for its people including those with merit scammed before their birth to squander lives and resources, who accept as leadership the other hell on earth of their lies.

If the world does not so begin to change at least as philosophers we can laugh at their ignorance and folly, read the fine print and between the lines, view them without machines of which it is unlikely they will make to counter this world's innate freedom in time, and out of time. In such a climate neglecting reason, revenge will be the rule and all living things remain on borrowed time as vulnerable though honest but not outside the shifting scales of laws.

Now, what does it mean to say our views are unique even from some multiverse of possible beginnings?  My words then with little meaning when all words are not necessarily relative or innately equal as the general laws describe, for we are in our wisdom equally in the paradox great and grand of our shame and sanity.  The measure of a soul is perhaps not what it has to do but what it can do.

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