Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Newton's Dream

Newton's Dream

L. Edgar Otto   Tuesday, 07 May, 2013

We may conclude, this side of the dark mirrors, along with Newton that Light, by the prism experiment of its colors, is corpuscular.  Beyond this science struggled to see it as waves.  Aesthetic art aside, the observations of painters, of Goethe that complimentary genius, his balance of intensity and proportion, his sense of shadows, intuitive and metaphysical his stance on symmetry, the quantum unification via uncertainty, the wave-particle point of complimentary as a unified digital and analog description, leads us along two paths of thought and physical data of our experiments.

It is a great understatement and evidence of a narrow vision not to see the NP-hard problem when considered in the fuzzy world, the complex plane world, the idea of branes as multidimensional multigroup extended relations, would not make its share of paradoxical yet world view changing significance including better refined and better interpreted technology.

If the issue is Information, better defined, as a computational age since the yarrow casts of China or  Leibniz who in realizing the worth of binary counting initiated the computer era in the 17th century to our day, then this too is a statement of the powerful tools we develop as mathematical physics.  From time to time we in going  back to the foundations, at the old white drawing board,  our LOL laughing out loud at what we see as childish simplicity long left behind, think of the natural pattern of five, 101 in binary- so from time to time in this stratosphere of abstraction  return again to the idea of a fifth force for example.  We apply this to our ideas or observation of what is technically defined as energy as physics or by space and time, or mass as structural stereonometry.

We should not despair of the complexity of the situation or feel it an inaccessible cloudy mystery, for we can probe very far into this obvious world of better defined dimensions of principles and mechanisms that logically follow and are not necessarily that much more complex, yet of the higher dimensional concept not necessarily the universe as mystical even where the frontiers of  the concrete in new physics may still appear metaphysical or a sort of magic.

Still, we can go a little further into the complexity, we as capable of further intellectual and intuitive imagination.  The level of complexity in our exploration of the idea of supersymmetry can contain further complexity which in our philosopher's changing evolving of words and symbols the term superduper symmetry would fit well.  But at the foundations, the basics, if some statements of principles are new- so laughable, it is an inside joke the nature of which encodes things in a maze of the history of learning and mirroring ideas between the world and each other.  The monster Minotaur in the center of the maze is said the active symbol of our times...

Perhaps, but if so it is of mazes in mazes, and loops and paths and strings and poets with their waxen wings who try to find the center or their way outside the labyrinth   This on which we design our flying machines, glide or climb thru the atmosphere of space or thought, jump off cliffs and hope we were wise enough to make strong what holds it together thus faced with risk and adventure into the unknown invoke the particles of God, or  build well our Jesus bolts.

In such isolated and separate but similar systems beyond or simple ideas of consciousness, in the daylight or in our thought dreams we can decide what to preserve or move on from there as never before done while the the emergence of a species.

Viewing the horizon larger or smaller, now in the future and the past, looping of spacetime, or ideas of absolute non-existence, we in effect treat our perceptions as if a one way mirror of which it is unclear in a free nature which is the concrete side of it.  This is more than anything the effects of the paradox of multiplicity.  In quantum terms or speculations we see beyond the nothingness of which on the whole something concrete persists, there is light.  Yet if try to see beyond that we arrive again at the idea of colors as so much depends on the properties of the spectrum.  Simple explanations of the green house depends on the number of photons absorbed, changed so reflected, with those radiated or bounded out again... we surprised at the extremes of our speculations and equations that say for example Jupiter radiates more out than it it takes in.

So beyond the quantum level of real or dreamed colors in the onion layers of brane like complexity of planes and spheres we can treat these from a still higher place of vision.  This a stance not unlike the treating of the square root of two as rational within the evolving surreal calculus or any other sort of speculation or mechanism we invoke to deal with the ideas of multidimensional yet unified reality.

That we may see in the region or mirror at some place in a plane or globe a patch of white, pink or other noise and it being held at a distance save we find a path to record and transmit it as a signal or structure of our work of thinking, that sociological statistical aspect we intuitively may feel is as good a science as anything, its truths within its fiction may complicate the hard reality of how we collectively and individually relate to loss, that by accident if not eye for an eye as if we hang on to not let go that the dead can bury the dead- that if they knew would not let us become in the encounter the indifferent cruel beasts we fight against or the beast leaving us wins as we cower too cautiously to fully be immersed in life so teach our children to be victims.

Gender too as a evolution rather than just a counting issue also partakes of this paradox of multiplicity of shared views.  The age of the violent farmer sailor North-men against the lazy warmer climes in their multiplicity of gods, long in fight against the idea of a King, God and My Right, will have its conflicts built in with the Monotheism up from Aegypt.  So too in the great philosophies or religions of the East after the pendulum swings, the vehicles once one break apart as if many are the zen gods like continents become one or break apart again with great and violent changes to its living things.

It is not enough we are eclectic as to what is worthwhile that sleeps in a race or culture- in the sensibility of equality are not the women equal in this world? If there is but one life and one world, does it make sense the Hmong bury the men as women and women as men for that is how they are reincarnated- or is this a myth that keeps the living women down... they so strong and the bearers of culture who from time to time the empires of trade failed in the Mediterranean, they living longer than the men, putting their great mysticism Etruscan like in their tribal world...Not the multiplicity of trade in slave ladies to bring back babbles of conquest- spread some idea of civilization from Vinland to Moscow.  The tribes thus persist if the Hmong women have to renounce their own so cleave to that of her husband, accept her position as number one in polygamy.

I interject here, despite so much disagreement with the public television that some of these statements came from or were inspired by recent shows that have quite improved since the decade I have not viewed them,  Ibid and all that.

It is clear, as in my illustration, that the idea of a creative entity as if a black hole, itself a mirror, can be expanded a if a geometry of tribes and signs to such embedded within hierarchies of each other and to some degree independently- as well we may better define social relations on which these abstract thing move us as do symbols.

Proofs, eventually the abstract theories find uses or things develop on their own... does it not strike one as if a remarkable coincidence we can have the option to color a map of five colors as well the minimum four.  Is this not a clue to something simpler and 101?  To a wider world of more?  What of the 384 lines of the I Ching is excluded for the seasons in metaphysical symmetry- time like the endpoints and places to begin themselves form an envelop to which the information over all observable numbers makes the paths and leaps between intelligibly more complex but quasi isolated systems.  The binary computer world obscures this sort of information theory because it is so similar to the greater idea of unifying arithmetical laws.

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I notice my post follows one of Lubos on some of this--- make what you will of his take on these things.

I quote from that link here:

The idea that "proofs and solving algorithms are about as short and as deep as the formulation of the problem" may be described as the "garbage in, garbage out (GIGO)" paradigm and this is what the research may easily look like if you insist on similar prejudices.
Lubo Motil

Isnt synchronicity an interesting thing Lubos?  GIGO, a sort of conservation law I suppose if we want to choose or not what we see as possible and logical.  Why limit our search to one algorithm when we can have a much more intelligent physics frame of reference?

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  1. Hello, and thank you for posting to Imaginary Garden With Read Toads' Open Link Monday. We're poets for the most part, and I profess this subject is way over my head, but I still did read it.

    I was always more "head in the clouds" than "nose in the books," but still I find scientists themselves fascinating. As a person who believes in a Creator, I feel that science "proves" the existence of... something. I don't claim to know the mind of God, nor do I follow any Fundamentalists who insist that everything happened as it reads in the Bible. I do know that everything has a purpose, and if your blog serves it, so be it.

    Thanks for a challenging but interesting read! Amy Barlow Liberatore for "Real Toads"

  2. All you toadies are very welcome. I originally meant to have a poetry blog but it became local photos and so I post some here occasionally if they are as Ferlinghetti said all poems about Cosmology and also as Bly said they are about the tragic loss of love. Dave remarked that these writings are a form of poetry, makes sense, that or he was most kind (for my loss of thousands of songs and poems)... a few of the scientist see it as does Hawkings from time to time to view the "mind of God" some say it God is energy or the universe itself. Again, energy was at first a poetic word. OK I did put it on facebook... if that can be called a book... anyway, it was quite a project in the lost poems to make that very well fitting form of Spencerian sonnets- you guys should try that. I should come down more to earth in the use of poems with music as lyrics again... I will try to see all of you and your work eventually. In the end the poems did represent what was most myself, if it has anything to do with the mind of God... or purpose, we do partake of the immortal bards and His attribute of Creativity.

  3. I'm interested in how you picked your blogger name!

    Thanks so much for your kind response. Energy is what we're all about; that little putt-putt of the muse, of the Spirit, whatever you call it... the universe is so vast and we are so small.

    About sonnets: You will find, if you look in on Toads from time to time, that we do have "form" prompts, including sonnets, cinquains, etc. I'm more of a "free verse" person, only because I save my metric sense for songwriting and love being untethered for poems!

    About God and science, wasn't it Einstein who said, "Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind"? That's kind of how I feel, although I cannot "preach it" with the same authority as Einstein!

    Peace, Amy