Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Poetry of Energy

The Poetry of Energy   (Amy and all the garden poets, comment replies not working so I lost a third comment to you... will read you all when I get better access... I was going make a separate poetry blog but until then here is a sort of combination... skip the technical part first maybe...)

L. Edgar Otto    11 May, 2013

In the transfer of energy in nature, by space structure as stereonometry, the patterns are entangled as much as distinctly separate.

In our familiar space and time, within is intelligible counts, measures, and patterns, our mathematics strives to organize deeper principles, both as abstract and substantive down to earth close to home.

The sphere, its surface with its volume reduced in our description of harmonics, the consummate shorthand on which we may expand significance, much loved by basic physicists.

The slicing disc, hailstones in tornadoes  a line as if a circle. boomerangs thru cones, the vital ring of metals, water, life zones in the galaxies, radii passing thru the equators.

These then the foundation of our ideas of the hierarchy of dimensions, of the ubiquity and persistence of Saturn rings.

* * *

In three space we can assign these ten primitive principles as an emphasis to some theory of everything, label or number them then compute their products in complexity.

Those of mirrored in singularity or multiciplicity, what seems intrinsically curved or rectilinear as nature so decides her own reference frames, not our biased bandwidth of perception.

We extend what on this earth the manifold many dimensions at least to that of the fourth unto the limitation ever outward of five-fold constraints of patterns, where the xfer of such creative entities may blend or stack into themselves.

But these are thoughts of a candle maker, layers, twists, braids, the wells and shrinks and holes, chunks and chips and rods, the heraldry of a dipped solid red simplicity of a cylinder  the cuts or pastes, inlays, shrink, expand the hot and cold.

Add to that the harmony of color and quality of light at the foundation we can read by come the night.

As with the memorizing elementary addition tables for the essential reckoning in grade school, 45 or 15 forms that leads to the 120 on which our thoughts first of vague of space and in space so form. Dimensions the fifth degree

First philosophy the ancients saw... as we awaken to Natures code of more beyond its creative intelligence of design as we try to balance the light, rhythm and rhyme. On the shore to more beyond as we take a breath while breathing.

* * *

Old Hank Williams sang he saw the light like Virgil in his poems the romance, tragedy, and by imagination alone arouse and release into our space of dreams, to write in the moment, to ponder how like Milton have spent our light.

Where these fore runners or artifacts, Nietzsche the godless consumed by Dionysus as Hank drugged lay dying in the back seat of Minnie Pearl's car on the way to give a concert?
He saying to her as if the last words:

"Minnie, there is no light, but I guess there is no pain

it has gone into the night, along with gentle rain

you drank from your rain barrel...

You were alone those last few weeks save for you son the goon

and no one has seen him since he walked the streets

In his Bogart suit, but you always were his shadow moon..."

* * * *

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