Monday, May 6, 2013

Where Do Our Shadows Go?

Where Do Our Shadows Go?

L. Edgar Otto  05 May, 2013

We do not want to wake up
from sunlight colors in our dreams

Forget our life of shadow sunsets
here sunrise morning beams

As you lay beside me
morning breath sleep in eyes
spent our night's vacation
scratched and bruised sea cruise
Shadows brag it was a lark
wish you were there your echo
in an empty shell our water park

As the band played on the violin
washed up to play again

Where do our shadows go
playing dress up, same old theme

Always to meet each other there
dark stardust no star crossed lovers

Gathering twigs, bonfire nests the beach
its light confusing the oarsman nestlings
the ocean they cannot reach until the
midday sun and gull take 'way their chances
your mare maid seaweed hair evaporates
returns to start Love's season dances

Our nights, their light of day release more than
abandon to not get in their way...

* * * * *


  1. Beautiful read, thank you.

  2. I liked the poem on your page and its general theme, thanks, it was a rather hard one even in English. When I try to write lately the music comes out sweet for the most part... I am trying to understand what this means. You see it as beautiful, as it was meant to be. thank you.