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Escape from Symmetry, Conservation and the Virulent Universe

Escape from Symmetry, Conservation and the Virulent Universe

L. Edgar Otto    21 May, 2013  01:07:01 PM

If we imagine as if in a dream a process by which we draw a series of pictures where as in a difference of included and distinct regions of scale the themes and interpretation have a logical development on which we may imagine causation. We raise several questions on the foundations of this dreaming process itself as well as what meanings we may apply to the content of the dreams.

While on several levels symmetry strives to keep a balance of cosmic laws in our perceptive dreams even the sense of motion seems to be contained as if in isolation as a system of which the span of such inner laws in informal inquiry may be at best intermittently comprehensible for external views of what seems closed as self-referential.

Symmetry is one of the great darlings of methods and analysis of which physicists and mathematicians are fond. But symmetry, up to the wide but limited or blocked concepts in debate as to the sensibility or utility of the string theories is but a stepping stone to the possibility of new physics. Symmetry cannot fulfill its role as the sum total of theory nor show in a wider generalization it describes the only thing, game, in town that paradoxically appears as a dead end for careers as the theory and application emphasis pendulum swings.

Still, on most any level of technology or philosophic speculation we as a species imagines and tries things.  Can we for example as there is some evidence for it reproduce outside the dreamer the patterns of which he dreams?  Perhaps the way in the details of at least geometric descriptions may lead us to the transfer of such patterns as a narrow gateway to that external.  In what sense can we in fact take a picture of a dream even if the memory of it endures in our awakened state of mind?

As awakened we may recall the method as our process of dreaming evolves or reduces from a range of equal possibilities so in that sense we can try to reproduce in the awakened world the methods we used in dreams. I may try to make such drawings as I so developed last night yet reaching for my camera realized I could not take a picture however crude it was to summarize the process from the last picture so to make something similar in the greater spectral intensity of real sunlight.  We of course have to take note of what is happening or let it run in the background not noticed while it can still be influential to our thinking.  Theory in this sense is an intellectual process.

I see little difference where this paradox and balanced confusions walk its linear and non-linear tightropes between what techniques we need to interpret the cosmic wmap background on the large or what we see in the colliders in the very small at the frontiers of our ideas of conservation and symmetry grounding.  A solution to our dream thinking process will aid us in viewing and interpreting what we see on those extreme scales also.  If such is the case as a possibility of decoding granting us in the foundations one or more methods of access above and beyond ideas of the relative or absolute nature of nothingness or substance actual or implied as vacuum.  It is here that the exploration of angles of spin and other warp curves may set up the mathematics that may show us the way in what we call the transfer of energy and the expanding dimensions of momenta.

Much can be thought of as viable analogies to our biological nature in complexity and information stances for model templates working toward, working perhaps blindly, to a more comprehensive theory.  This comes home to us sometimes with anguish if one accepts certain stances as the uninterpreted or falsely believed fact alone when we say our biology determines our behavior or better the links between genes on a more complex level than the raw sequence in our genome.  Where is our identity and is it private and uniquely ours?  Where are our dreams as dreams?

One case is what evolutionary reason may be there for the persistence of (obviously as non-replication) homosexuality.  We may as well say, in His mysterious purposes, God made us this way and still question the wisdom of this premise of a Creator.  Like many dominant and submissive relationships as in the genes to have useful meaningful patterns the view of such development has to permit asymmetric possibilities in the laws of the universe.  Partisans of some views then diverge from some imagined balance and mainstream and the dark mirror of symmetry turns the benevolence of a Creator or the creation only on end as a moral weapon for love or war.  Clearly, not passed thru say the father but enduring in the cousins and uncles the traits while hidden persist as in recent articles in the science magazines- or in one long ago in New Scientist that carrying the homosexual gene enhances the sexuality and perception of the female who carries it - thus an evolutionary reason suggested.

So again we wonder in general, if we are not rare in the universe as committed to gender difference sexuality and will not publicly whisper our method could be an aberration in the universe for living things.  It has been asked why nature spends so much of its energy in sexual reproduction if we take just an evolution theory standpoint.  We certainly can suggest such mechanisms to question why that applies to our more subjective states of mind save maybe that we in the structure of our nerve and brain system merge the energy of such ideas, libido and so on, so not responsible directly for the affairs at our fish brain stems.  But the paradoxes of such dualism are still with us and not necessarily resolved in the place we imagine one substance.

The wider picture is to ask not of enhanced sexuality, or the need to or possibility of exchange of encoding of a sexual nature or not is to see that virulence itself is the issue.  What is the source and guarantee of our drives and motives for a given set of shared space and laws between us- can the universe for such virulence as biologically complex as it seems, unclear the boundaries of such razors, inductive or not in method, that in a sense this is the best design and sensible reduction of description utilized by any universe?
Perhaps the only surprises are the rude awakenings that we are blind to some truths, surprised for we held them not just incomplete or irrelevant or wrong as general wisdom progresses to make our old system nostalgic to us while we still live beyond reproductive years otherwise the collectible becomes the next generation's pointless jokes and junk.  To debate if this can go beyond a living system is more quasi-religious metaphysics still rather than new fads of awakening magic as the physics.

The issues seems to me to surpass the idea of magic beyond what is naturally developing to a point of accurate access to decoding we confuse with metaphysical geometry and the wider things we imagine about metaphysics.  Less and less will this analogous principle apply, save in the fantasy world perhaps of our virtual media to which we treat as real fantasies in the fantasies within them such as money, to what not that long ago in past generations struck them as miraculous and magic.

Phenomea in the universe hoover on the fulcrum of what is virulent or not of the same encoded viruses of physical substance and the application to physics, especially to view that discipline as a simplified branch of biology at first before a better generalization and unification, is perhaps too obvious for us to see there is a need for new methods in mathematical physics as it is natural for us not to extend or see beyond our more conserved quasi-isolated dream boundaries for at the extremes the information may appear as not useful or no threat to our greater chances of survival.

If the universe by default is favorable to the whole of life if not in effect benevolent then at a certain critical threshold we who strive to dream, control, and create our world can override this state to make our world indifferent and perhaps ultimately that which works against us in the balance where it did not have to be once we have better awakened and better dreamed.

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