Tuesday, May 28, 2013

N- dimensional Imprinting and Social Gravity


N- dimensional  Imprinting and Social Gravity

L. Edgar Otto   May 28, 2013

From what I can glean from the news reports of Weinstein's conceptual model this video seems to capture the general idea if we  make the usual analogies that a surface can be read as a brane.  In a sense it is  indefinite in extent and hardly as deep or extensive as Leo Vuyk's system (but it is a start on things more multiverse like or as we here said  Raspberry or Ultranscontinuum) with more creative forces of directions.

But the theme of this post of which I will add to here later or in the next post is the mirror image of the idea of such n-dimensional physical printing of forms as if a subjective process.  This reflects the widening divide between the real life world of my childhood and the virtual world of my adult children on the surface of it.

We are in such a social sea before the source of the bridge over infinity.  This has become clear to me in retrospect on issues political and social as virtual media promise a new spring that only results in the disconnection to the real world as if it is more than indifferent but a dead one.

I also have tried to begin a new poetry blog and clean up my video pages on youtube.  This theme is also on my mind.  At the raw conception level we may pepper the brane with alph-0 dots (atoms or stars, people) so the conclusions as the actual but not potential infinite is crudely suggested in such arithmetic.  Some say in a deterministic world of particles or forces given endless or finite time and the assumption that in a sense the number of atoms are finite- the configuration of them if repeated in space or time will recreate the place we are now in as if to go back to a concrete dream.  But in the sense it is a finite totality we obviously can have more than one totality in the count of such collections of atoms.  We need then and it seems to me the depth of comprehension depends on how we work out this for physics in its quasifinite details.

Related to this is the transcendental number realm where information can be encoded as a length difference in particular all things ever written or will be in a cosmic cyclic year that ratio of pi in a circle.  Yet beyond the flatland to which space and light may neutrally interact as a reference (extending not contradicting GR of Einstein) we may ask of the mixing of such transcendental values when we say take pi to its structurally relevant values in many dimensions.

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