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E Conceptual Confluences

E  Conceptual Confluences

L. Edgar Otto   beginning: 16 May, 2013

By E I mean many things, perhaps M turned upside down or rotated R or L as in Eye chart reading.  Here, I Edgar, consider what amounts to the more metaphysical principles that underlies our more solid physics or intuitions for directions of biological and economic research.  This list informally is not necessarily exhaustive.  Commentary and footnotes placed at the end of post so refer to the En number.

My filing system evolved differently from the we normally assign things in computers, so this is also and attempt at more formality or at least in the Electronic media world a better manual for navigating what seems a more general delta of links of ideas to aid and strengthen the memory - or at least make it easier to translate between arbitrary systems evolved but not set with unique planned reasoning.  Our research thus becomes fresh and young, chaotically raw in the initial poetry, as well as giving us the deeper sense of ancient or eternal wisdom of the foundational principles of our poetic and scientific world.

Can our dreams be interpreted uniquely?  Can they be separated from the hierarchy of codes, the holofraction principle this side of some absolute idea of singularity, save for primates on the level of their proteins and gene analogs?

E1 - The Bidirectional Polygame Principle  19 May, 2013

Somewhere in generality the infomatics of cosmic and biological code reading can mirror the direction of multiplicity from or into unity.  Can such confluent principles be the basis or axiom to prove more than describe an environs of being or thinking this is virulent and not an empty self referential stance of principle?

E2 -  Spanning yet ever more Isolated Territoriality at Points of Confluence Spheres of Influence Principle

E3 -  Half again or a Quarter Exclusion of Quadratic Symmetries of Forward Path Description Principles

E4 -  Illusion Principle that Resources of Long Duration
May Define the Span of Present Use beyond its Moment

E5 - Principle that the Encoding in Products of Linear Space will not Describe Higher Space to Deeper Generalizations

E6 - The Concept that in any Given Confluence or Configuration a Path Model is Necessarily Unique or that such Ambiguity of Unique Totalities Drives Time Direction

E7 - That Uniqueness among Total Models is Forbidden or anything as Uncertain We Characterize of Nature may not Realize this Paradox as Solution without Deep Explanation

* * * * *

A nod to the Poet species Bufo... well, frogs and lilly's anyway... symbolic small and large ponds:

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