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The Quantum Gravity Egg Far from Equinox and Mono-culture Co-dependency of Complimentary Theories

The Quantum Gravity Egg Far from Equinox
and Mono-culture Co-dependency of Complimentary Theories
L. Edgar Otto  01 May, 2013 07:17:59 PM

In the metric over the manifold of the finite but boundless continuum the sense of gravity, the structure of it, leads to the thought that by some principle or scale gravity is quantized.  Time on the surface of a river flows to seek its own level as the totality too can be a reference frame of fall.
Far from equilibrium like an egg that we in our self belief of magician's choice stands on its end at equinox or that somewhere equidistant from the poles the constellations lay parallel to some discernible spin against the stardust or that is unequal lag or symmetrical reverse where things enhance and multiply the information in vortices of dark and light, potential wells, subtle fluctuations of ringing discs, if time in its abstract rest must take time to sense, reach out, probe the unknown, convey a message even long after the messenger has vanished... time that is the oxbow or the river meandering, or the bend that the villagers only know as their world and nothing distant known before or after it is their concern... even if the river comes back around.

What is left downstream at some end time?  Rusty broken parts that we fancy strays not far from the fuller triangles on the egg... parts that is full of cracks and vanishingly small welding .. rusty ones that seem to go on forever yet keeps some smooth infinitely divisible unity of form in its motion and descent until the world is mostly cracks beyond divisions were they the only stuff of space and time, a blurring holographic image phase and shift of spectral light to which only ideally can we recover from the chaos the image of the whole... and yet the fractal trees that reduced to strings with dimensions zero or branes, concrete and unique or shadows of growing multiplicity perhaps in some higher motion to leave a space of dreams become like a skeleton in the separate space felt but illusion as if the corals in a shallow sea long ago rose to the the tops of mountains that now only show the past in eroding slices where they have mostly worn away.

Does it really matter to the philosopher that he thought the great engines of learning, those private or by the state, was about research and a little learning, a competition that is the measure of the elite and this conserved over time, this the constant lie access will take a hundred years to make the equal opportunity the reality, to afford for our new immigrants  our children from the future some rise that survives the trap that is security if the choice abolishment or revolution of those who teach, who sell the lie there is hope for the masses, that the poor not always with us as surely as remains a cast irrespective of individuals that enter or leave it, a tenth of them the substance of wrong way spin giving mass, the backbone tolerable as long as the obligated generation is wise enough not to squander the worlds hard worked for capital by the forefathers...some make a choice outside the mainstream, spiritual like, that if of all such choices a world free for inquiry is preferable, a compensation hard to understand, we a thorn, a laughing stock to have such illusions in our hearts, foolish expectations, to which they cannot take back and rarely dare because there is more to the world of what might be... a treasure the thieves will not corrupt nor undermine for long the freedom found in Love.

Love with the last of conditions yet without obstacles to question as if of prudent fear its fragmentation of permanent passion by the darkness not enhanced... I recall vividly the first time as a child safe on the town with my shawled lady how indulgent of those who are one with the rhythm of life- my first strawberry milkshake...but like time since that immortal then too fast the electricity passed thru the straw to fill my being... for it was in a paper cone, time and life going faster to an end from sweet wide disc promised beginnings and forgotten icy brain freeze headaches, two thirds of time lost as the hours and light revealed eaten like wormwood.

I resolved one day I would order all the milkshakes I could drink... and that day came... yet it would not do for there is a saturation reached that we cannot hold more of a dream.  That is if as in love you have to fight the world that poisoned your lover by those who on the face of it believe in marriage and family, and children no matter how modern or diverse, those falsely promised respect for their privacy as individuals if only lucky for a little while, priming the pump of deeper waters where that really want to destroy all that's sound in such institutions.

Woe to those who put all their dreams in one basket yet build grandly the mono-culture not sure when the tritical goes critical for the lack of wisdom say let the buyers beware and smile at the scammers their sin not the sin itself but getting caught.  Do we have to accept this in a world of complimentary physics persisting unresolved that divides the world into exploring powers, is the dark side forever needed as we grow and learn...this the natural state of man?  What matters in eternal struggle if the blackbirds win great flocks of them to tax the corn- they too in simple configuration space are trapped in lack of foresight so equally doomed unto the new birth of worlds we imagine fills the cone again.

Let us drink of nature first so not that rationed to us by those who would steal your prayers and dreams and power to think on your own before you were born that your children are marginalized and demonized in simple faiths the power of nature within them too strong, too fearfully strong they state which will vanish in the distance itself so dependent cannot allow some final act of mutual assured destruction- let us make sense of false theories of priority and equal opportunity that will not allow things to change or truly believe- and if we cannot balance the rights of our people let us not by some narrow weapons of morality mock them, create scarcity and guilt or let us close the borders until we can make a better world for all as does living things ever more retreating into the confinements of their hearts, their precious souls the luck of the draw, their development finding us unworthy of such risk and benefit excuses that they withdraw 

Even the armored roll into a ball Texas ground diggers can suspend gestation until better times- would our lady's have that knack of true control of their own bodies.  Only with such wisdom might the seed she abandon and reject before a new soul finds its little universe of uniqueness and autonomy.  Nature abhors the excesses of we as nameless clones.  But then she is nature with many secrets hidden, and personal scars and wounds.  The minimum distance or duration is best measured as that trace that is you.  Outside of that we are just specters and philosophers, angels there as well as daemons   We should learn to live with artificial limbs and know the scope of life changes before we undertake to learn to live with artificial minds.  But then, for whatever reason they may sacrifice or volunteer  since Socrates and the example of his hemlock, the state never honors well, fulfills its obligations, to its living soldiers. Our schools can outgrow their said purposes of wisdom and enlightenment for man save in the threats of expediency can that spark of science reach for the stars.

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