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On the Complexity Introduced by Considerations of Consciousness in Physics Systems

Merunitom Implications (Mum)

On the Complexity Introduced by
Considerations of Consciousness in Physics Systems

Grounding of Our Concepts of Gods, Giants, Angels, Ghosts, Aliens, Ecotoms, Merunitiy Intelligent Creative Anchors at the Frontiers of Comprehension of the Cosmos in Our Times

L. Edgar Otto    25 May, 2013

Since my first days on the science and philosophychat forum I have considered ideas of perception of and as consciousness adds a great deal of generalization and complexity to a theory of the universe.  Lately, I have come to realize that the insistence of my friend there galatomic could be a concrete possibility... just like what seems to me an absurd idea of a Boltzmann brain flying around in a space without much matter left in a distant future- if our physicists are suggesting this as a possibility then why not galatomics conscious ecotoms?  If we consider this as a reality of some sorts over the work and ages of empires,  Mt. Meru of the Hindus or the detail ideas of the Mayans as to infinite yet a zero of cyclic time we learn something of the universe and our development of thinking.  In a sense the old gods for all practical purposes including the God and My Right as we cling to a king or leader we living things then.

Now in the sequence Angels, Ghosts, and Aliens, the extra-terrestrials seems to be the form of this for our day.  What next?  I mean on coast to coast last night the author guest insisted they where from the billions of earth like planets yet insisted not from the inner earth or some higher dimensions nor like time travelers (he should have added what we may be doing in our advanced projects to whom the average human may be relatively insignificant).  I disagree, for if these things are in a sense real all of those descriptions would apply in the next paradigm of very complex physics.  We cannot save a stance or theory of but one god say, not even if we reduce it to the cabala of 11 objects or choose our favorite interpretation of the Trinity of three or four space.  We do have a sense of motion of time, a certain order to heed or do first for the unity of our understanding the world.

So what if there are a billion worlds over the time it takes our civilizations to reach the level we are in now- if not from some future the disembodied brains exist and do so presently- if those being do not stay around to dwell on our sea of dust and material we call stars, planets, galaxies for the number is meaningless rocks in random piles and irrelevant.  In that sense we are the only ones maybe if we compute the chances for life in this galaxy or any galaxy of the size sufficient in entropy to allow life- and with sufficient and stable structure.

This and the physics of tornadoes on my mind as with all theories of spin where the issue is what of our dreams can we make manifest as matter or energy that is not just dreaming?  Can a ghost move matter?  Can a god become a man? Such are the ideas in many of our faiths...

The following are comments in I made lately in the social networks and forums:

Leo, that link is excellent for a reference-  I bookmarked it. Thank you.  It makes it easier to find your links.   A raspberry zpe would logically follow your first thoughts and (hey I did not know you did experiments or found them, commendable.)   Yet some things in a unified theory do have the same laws- but if they do not in a radical way where does that leave us beyond our logical theories?  I have a most strange idea now which suggests the truths possible in the pseudosciences such as the idea of extra terrestrials (the Boltzmann brain on the ball lightning micro--scale would be structural possibilities of some subjective point energy).  This means we as thinking things imagine such things and have based whole empires and civilizations on it.  Monopole auras where stuff happens is a good idea in our neck of the universes woods.  In the strongest tornadoes we can be in one for they are at bottom electrical phenomena...and can induce St. Elmo's fire.  Also this gives support for my friend galatomic's idea of conscious beings that come back as if from the future to micro engineer our enduring evolving as a state of the real and not disembodied physics.  His Ecotoms.  It helps to believe in succession as if a god or king the trinity to base the logic of it all that we in reality are a little monopole fuzzy in thinking.  Energy or material is the issue as to how we can tap it or not-  the consequences if we can would make extraordinary changes in how we finally understand or interpret the world.

Reply to Leo Vuyk 25 May, 2013   Leo Vuyk
S Hi Edgar,
as my answer, see : my new Vixra essay Q-FFF xperiments, a summary.

on facebook as the people remarked on ron's feeling he needed a tin hat to keep some strange thoughts out of his head--- some replied it was only the full moon, others on which side of the foil to use and so on...

Be careful if you double the foil not to put the shiny sides out together or you transmit to those lizard guys your position. In a weightless environment of dream space shiny sides facing inward to each other causes you to spin. Simple mirrors can isolate your thoughts - we have forgotten what people have known for thousands of years. Our scientists today making manifest such material do not understand this so to explain it. Do not use a smart phone antenna neat your tin foil declaration or the Nigerian hackers can read your dreams and access your bank account. Peace ye strong ones in the faith!

In debate with Kris on face book today:

 Look; there is substantial evidence, from world wide agencies, that show vaccinations are necessary and important. There is no link between vaccinations and any developmental diseases. No scientific study has ever backed any of these claims. So the conspiracy theories need to end now.

No, statistical proof is science. If X exists and Y is created to combat X and X then decreases to near non-existent levels because of Y then the statistic is sound. Now how that statistic is used could be sociological in nature, but that doesn't deny the reality of the science behind the numbers.


 Chromosomes are a different story. I knew an XYY once who would punch his girlfriend or my rear view car mirror out of the blue. Now there could be deep science around a sociology ideal which as science (so says Obama and the NSF now for the professional degrees - such as social workers who could use it is for marketing). I miss the high level of our debates in the coffee shop and I think we miss each others point. But there are no necessary realities yet in these matters and I would like to know the truth. I do not get flu shots for example. Also I sense you have a greater intolerance for BS lately than you usually do - hope it does not detract you from your creative work.

May 26, 2013 at 2:22 am

Generations as I understand them in my Quasic theory are certainly not ad hoc say as mass and gravity seems to be in the measurement by string theory or other physics. G-string reads to me a humorous term in English btw. But can you see or apply these ideas like game theories in simple informational arithmetic, in information. But the “polarity” you ask of nature is a deep question as we debate if these lesser group formulations of string theories need apply at all after a better unified view (than say the obvious structure of this implying E8 and so on.


You are asking the same question as to if open strings exist so we all have similar concerns or intuitions.

If God created Nature by the ‘word” (rhea in Greek) then did she “plagiarize” some higher theory? I wonder why it is so difficult for some of us to see these structural things of simple geometry. Our convergence to a new physics (and as some in the pages think a new level involving consciousness of some sorts thus quasi religious reality or thinking) looks to me to have all the free developing quasi-fractal like complexity of merging spinning winds into a great tornado.. spin is important in this sense as the same question (see kimmo’s descriptive formulas which may be ad hoc or not- but what isn’t?

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  1. Hi,

    There is nothing ad hoc in my paper. Everything is pretty much derived from the hypothesis. What did you like about it?

    You can try Rouvari Effect very easily by yourself!

  2. I meant ad hoc in equations I call descriptive... I like that your paper hints as such a general description needed for better understanding of spiral phenomena such as tornadoes or the effects of shock waves if delayed or reflected from different surfaces... nature should everywhere show such effects but I do not think that shows we have covered a theory of everything- as my posts today Merunity holds for those of a more mystical stance or for any of us on that publishing outlet who raise these subjective points that do not on the face of it seem science or experimental... What is the mirror equivalent of a materialized particle as some sort of subjective one. I think your discovery, much like the brilliant fractal one of Cohen on antennas for say smart phones, has vast implications beyond our first blush intuitions and abilities. Thank you for the comments... I do have a few ideas for you to try the experiments in a different way but nothing guarantees we can refute or proof such similar theories even if on a household scale- can we say the effect is coming from something else for example, maybe the stray radio waves from the power lines or even the vibrations of street traffic. How do we resolve what is unique in a given TOE hypothesis?

    1. It's totally understandable to be skeptic about new TOEs. But ToEbi is different in many ways. The most important feature is its testable nature! After Extended Rouvari Experiment...