Monday, May 6, 2013

Marianne Talks to the Quantum Cat

Marianne Talks to the Quantum Cat

L. Edgar Otto  04 May, 2013  May the 4th be with you...

This post is mainly for the art's sake.  How quasic concepts may influence or guide our attention interacting our interpretations of information expressed as a wide visual concept.  I do not suggest this is a method of doing things.  One has to be familiar with certain references such as the work of Louis Carrol who also explored that difference between ravens and writing desks of his time.

But the question asked here does have a formal theme- as our imaginations seem true to its inner laws what might this have in store for our future if we share either way our choice of any pill in a matrix?  Is there a purple pill between them?  One effect I now notice, the television on in the background, is that in my exploration of science and philosophy certain shows long past as to if they can inspire me can do so again as I comprehend more what was behind such visions and that they were as advanced as what we expect of entertainment in our day in some respects.

Tonight an old Out of Limits show came on about transmission to a nitrogen based life thru the three dimensional microwave seen from our sister galaxy.  Of course in the usual alien tradition, the same dramatic thems underneath them a constant to which we either understand what is a true belief or have to suspend our belief to enjoy what may be in the stratosphere of dreams.

The question also relates to certain new age like and self help shows such as coast to coast where apparently those with a good and positive metaphysical rap have followers that seems to help people.  It is not clear, in the "laser like" focusing this issue of collective prayer works, for example, we have all seen the results of lack of explicitness in the wishing upon some genie.  What physics or mathematics may be the grounding reality underneath such speculations?  Do these waste our time as some thing anything does and is a sort of tranquilizer for social discontent?

I say this, that if the institutions have agendas only there for ideological ends they may be in for a surprise: that wisdom, knowledge, is the true wealth and power after all and events in this world suggests someone or something higher knows this.  Your efforts as if just art for its own sake are not lost in the unfolding of the world- we have heard ourselves and some from each other such a high state of knowing although one may not be sure such reflected messages were heard- I imagine if you need assurance the gods would say you have done well, my creative scientist and philosophers... It cannot be helped or maybe it not in the scheme of things to worry that some cannot envision a true and better life for everyone.

One thing about this generation that seems still caught up in pointless conflicts and imposed cooperation is that the computer era makes the reality and abstract issues stand out in bold relief.  No one should hold to the idea that there can be nothing new in the world or that the enumeration of vibrations of isolated tori smoke rings closes the story of the old and past.  At equifinality none dares steal your dreams if they are really of a higher order and purpose for our togetherness...if they are themselves worthy of the positions and that is how you may know them.

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