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Singularity Point Energy

Singularity Point Energy

Beyond a New Anthropology, Quantum Truths of Consciousness as Hot or Cold Fusion

L. Edgar Otto    23 May, 2013

The velvet universe retreats into the weather as interpretation just beyond the quantum theory and its ideological and philosophic interpretations where the specter haunting Europe leaves is mark of indifferent faiths and scars further from violent revolution.

Like the string theory suggests at the foundations a leak between higher realms of dimensions so as to explain better the force of gravity what leaks from the abstract pints of singularity if not some ghosts of departed quantities that touches the ones and zeros deeper than strings to which we in our towers of the sense of unity in our complexity and tentative states of mind conjure spirits good and evil, conspiracies, and debatable methods of indifference or leaky tori of pinching plasma in every higher energy levels of hot fusion?

Is it not a paradox that blind to the question where consciousness meets the physicality we are blind save to see the spirit of it leaking from our dreams of clearer and more unified physics to make sense of the image of our gods?  For some we have to keep such visions distant, for others they too miss the point of our powerful tool of thinking to which our symbols are not quite as powerful, if they ever can be this side of some closed or empty wall of Heaven.

Clearly, consciousness as such leaks out rather than emerges or evolves over the range of space and time.  For to deny this possibility of interpretation for the quantum world is to deny the reasonable methods of quantum theory itself.  Cold fusion is not forbidden by quantum theory but does it amplify or magnify the energy in the intermittent balance? Does any such device achieve this disembodied from a ground?  What sort of super symmetry may permit such possibilities of an energy gain if that gain is only a leaking or looping gain in the subjectivity of our experience alone?  By what twists and turns do we look over our shoulder to outrun the eagle of Don Juan as if a truth and not a metaphor as our anthropology and anthropocentric truth in fiction if only a possibility of new concrete science there at the creation?

Do we assign a matrix to spiraling or warp curve jumping time traveling like finite points of relative spins then to explain it as proof of the comprehensive realm of all rational numbers, of the real part of them in powers converging parallel by some integration?  Why do we not extend the depth and span of this idea beyond what Riemann himself knew was more to the picture of things?  Are we to be content to do ideology or do science?  To demean our fellow theorist or try to understand why they think how they do, of what they think if we can catch the depths of it - not merely the comprehension of it for we should not assume another sentient being as irrelevant or outside the mainstream of our general unified development as a civilization.  Can we not welcome the return to the fold and yet secure a better life for those willing to sacrifice and serve the dream of science?

If quantum mechanics does not forbid cold fusion then the same idea in hidden dimensions and spaces suggests that we can communicate with our dreams as information, with each others dreams, so materialize them in the world or between each other if we find the better cosmic code.  Or we may cringe like beast running from the wildfires, earthquakes, great spiraling storms as we try to discern the red-shift of the spinning sky and hold the evil falling out from an arbitrary tornado the razor talons in a distant dream or act of God.  As the climate debate rages how can humanity be so low as to cast the issue to fate or faith unless the world makes no sense as science as both sides think it does?

To deny cold fusion as an absolute or ultimate principle is to assert the unified hidden mysticism of the mind of God, and to hope in the spirit of it things are better refined, tweaked if only beyond our abilities to prove a pattern at inaccessible energies brings physics close to an act of faith only that was in some cases the opposite of intentions and earlier reversals of some grounding of being intended in past trends.

We have to remember the weatherman is not to be blamed for the weather, the messenger for the message, and intellectually ignore holding against someone the disturbance of our quaint continuum that they changed the quality of our wisdom and opinions.  Hopefully, outside our narrow worlds as if one living universe we give good advice to each other and are important for tech support as scientists if done honesty and more beyond sincerity only for our good intent.

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