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Diorama and Panorama Field Induction

Diorama and Panorama Field Induction

L. Edgar Otto   12 May, 2013

While it is said that knowing statistics is the mark of an educated man, perhaps it is a mark of the beast branded on the foreheads of those led into the educators party line.

Between systems, especially when unregulated without bounds an organization strives to expand over all things we can envision a polymerase chain reaction analog to the epi-genome level.  This may appear as culture or tradition, indeed may actually be so for awhile until the totality dissipates accumulating errors.  In any case in theory it amounts to a finer definition of how to atomic entities may distinguish others without each containing sub-parts. So the idea carried forward, while logical, to the level of memes is lesser in complexity for field description.

The four-way dialectic, a quadrapole or better yet the tetrapole relationships of quasic symmetry (of which between at least two atomic objects we unfold to octapoles then beyond as a matter of supersymmetry as this model.

The idea of a power itself a natural dimension (Clifford algebra) can be in a sense an inversion so interpreted if we imagine such mirrors in nature.  But inversion is not generally the preferred method in classifying crystal groups.

By diorama I mean the throughput of transfer or measuring energy between quasifinite systems of organization to which we may label this as a fractal like linear sequence as we gaze into a representation as if a window to such mirror inversion and complimentary physical laws.

By panorama I mean the boundary within a given dimension that on a sphere or plane in the simplest description amounts to holographic like principles.

Between these two new terms of familiar labels for physical and metaphysics ideas I suggest in the tetrapole calculation we choose four sets of 64 objects that encode the proteins and alternatively the panorama of how these interrelate within a given organism on that molecular level, to set the quasic ordering of the chain code of the four colors or bases of the DNA encoding into a fractal sequence (and one more generalized to superfractal rests and motions over interactive groups and dimensions) to the level of the four-foldness that fits the physical case of space and the atoms as well the energy environs given.

Clearly we may shift the code along the entire chain that atomic like holographic objects may divide the holographic totality, merge it, or in steps replicate the structures, significantly along the lines of a Diracian algebra fo 32.  This corresponds as well in the quasic plane (brane) to considerations or equivalence of complex numbers or to a more positive existential reading of the code in space as primarily that of the energy of vacuum or structure.  Such stereonometry unifies in a higher vision both the metaphysics and physics we imagine them to be as an ancient but obvious third arm of philosophy.

In such a system, again where energy is poetic, we integrate or differentiate with individual and species specific style as the complexity of biological systems suggests.  But the implication does not catch up to the scope of this essay in the sense that between two atomic like objects the differences of encoding between them, as if a moving force, a chance encounter, or a honeycomb of influences between them according to finite time or proximity (including hidden but logical influences or shadow principles) we find one object may induce changes in another object on many levels, actively or passively as we may so interpret the general physics of the situation.

Information may be exchanged, and it seems vital for the totality of a complex cell for it to do so...that information as an extension say to consciousness cannot be explained as something disembodied but needs this level of theory to begin to understand what seems to me of a higher order of complexity than the substance of the brain or body.  It is clear, this side of Heaven so to speak, that information may not seem to be conserved locally while it is globally.

In an idealized case (although which is the power and which the base natural dimensions can certainly be different or even oscillate between hierarchies of the same energy transfer geometry of the same self or varying referential types) here we require four separate quasic fractal grids of 64 objects in a tetrapole relation that amounts to the principle that on this level we have zones or boundaries of emptiness or separation that depends materially on how the systems may evolve.

Yet, we may go beyond this to higher principles of this quasi-external atomic separation idea, all logical and informational, 4n modular and so on.  In which case we find a neutral place where we cannot on that level distinguish as we do what are functions and pseudofunctions while the information (as at least binary) sees the structure as if thru an overview with xray yet not participating eyes.  It follows also that Eddington's system on the 256 holofractal level applies in how we read the vectors.  Surely E8 string theory ideas cover this level of quasicity to which we may imagine we can go beyond in the computation or in the technology.

Such abstractions with a little thought have a wide range of applications such as n-dimensional printing and the analysis or curing of some diseases by direct theory, for those who think basic research is out of fashion on the level of their idea it only good for something creating that tenuous exchange of real and virtual money, or real or virtual statuses of the capital gains of established individuals and organizations a research science sociology.

We are observers of the macro, micro, and meso (self observation  cosmos yet within a given method of distribution (as at least an algebra established) we can have further complexity more than once removed from our observations and being observed.

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