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Superduper Symmetry in Minimum Omnium Quasic Gravity

Superduper  Symmetry in Minimum Omnium
Quasic Gravity as Super-Organism up to Teleology

L. Edgar Otto   Friday, 03 May, 2013

Metaphorically the ultranscontinuum as a philosophic universe, the Omnium as the simplest case, is also part of an ultranscontinuum.  One can say the raspberry universe in Leo Vuyk's terms is part of a raspberry multiverse.

The interactive rest and motion frames various branes of a span of various representational dimensions in matters of what is considered the ends or beginnings of sequences such as a deterministic (Plutomnium) or directed (Teleomnium) in the quasifinite super-totality, the bulk of physical phenomena being in a mirror intelligibility of multiplicity in the potential infinity over the spacious now in stance of reduced abstract rest, the fractal era before the observed formation of alpha particles in space if part of the grounding foundations of reality as real or mirrored or in a sense of linear inertial and non-inertial phenomena, exists as an intelligible physical phenomenon in the present over all omnic time and space descriptions.  These may evolve differently with respect to some relations of measure.

Four or in some cases the materialization of an implied fifth color is thus the minimum for such quasication and quantization in the continuous methods describing quadrapoles (thus octapoles and so on).  This as quasi-inflation like ideas may assert that a raspberry multiverse may give birth to baby raspberry multiverses.  Or as if the vibration or radiation, or evaporation effects, decay in the rates measurable and observed,  we imagine punctuated layers as in the new age intuitions of speculative anthropology in which, as in the Coast to Coast program last night, the next suggested conclusion that in a unique and one and olny universe there emerges (the Omnium of Omnia, or the Omnicontinuum) a growth of "awareness" as an independent aspect of our soul like mind from the physical. 

To the guests credit he relates this to the surface capacity of cell membranes as we build from the bacteria containing viruses, to the amoeba containing bacteria, to the human form with such a quasic natural dimensional (Newtonian) relativity that the ideas of such separate but similar classical radii (say of particles) may form into higher superorganisms.  But what is the idea of a Riemann sphere, ideally, save it as a structure is as much a measure of "energy" as it expressed by other physical constants such as h or c or m and so on... For such a presumed spherical reference frame may be said to have a maximum or minimum extent in the universe, one in which moreover from the mathematics things may seem to oscillate and time and space effects do not necessarily exhibit the properties as if one space-time manifold that in a sense we reach ideas of rotation where expansion of a universe may be considered as an illusion.

 We may imagine the possibility of this happening on a higher subjective plane or the result upon a certain threshold of exchanges of information... to this idea the guest cites the complexity of levels of the epi-genome, he further imagines the early cognitive development can be set in an individual, a programming wherein this influences our behavior and identity as if (Plutomnium era) the molding and belief in our subconscious (or perhaps in such contemplations we attribute this to external subjective beings of which we do not seem to disprove or prove the case).

We tend to suspect that these structural based laws give us barriers so as to take a stance thought solved by broken symmetry or looping where such a collection of four things with possible implied or internal connection for those logically hidden that four things is the beginning of exotic spaces beyond it, a minimum to the confused mirror where the barrier seems an impassible maximum... for even in the idea a model may allow something explicit to survive or its absence to carry over from the supposed big bang or crunch and so on as if merely quantum physics not to forbid it we still reach the paradox where statistical descriptions do not apply over some range or interval of rest and motion time save perhaps in the absolute sense of equal chances that something over all being could come into being.

So from the physical, regardless of the idea of what in the angle values or quantization of spin or momentum- the unity or the doubling of spin values for say photons or gravons in these issues of general topological geometries as zero, one or two  the absolute or ideal as if a physical wall of our observation of the sphere or flatland brane equivalent to which we may probe by theory the view of the background maps of the universe.  But this suggests to me the hidden clue as Orwin sees there as a possibility for normal supersymmetry of atom as shock structures is on this reality of the four fold in the now and in the middle scale.  We with quasic physics may thus consider the instant or existential moment of the physical as spacious independent "atoms" in the original sense.  So as physical our height in the dimensions of this world has a structural limit of a four space nature as if a unit cell of a quasic lattice (not the lesser idea the guest assumed was very much real as in the move "matrix" where the physical is irrelevant materially. 

This isolation of crystal unit cells is also a problem in quasic physics as to how it meaningfully allows connections between such spacetime cells.  Theory seems to skirt around the sense of this problem.  But could we short of becoming one physical organism actually by sharing physical things like meaningful and patterned data develop a physical emergence of a greater awareness- this is still on the level of paradox or contradiction in our partial truths or dreams.  The physical cloud based data of shared computers or that of quantum computation may not reach the complexity of consciousness in any threshold short of the organic level being its components for itself.

In the parallels that may exist in these anthropological like  worlds it is conceivable that given enough improvement in our technology some level of fractal or holographic scale can indeed be an awakening to a higher awareness between them...but that we may vaguely call God, or some mirror aliens, or ourselves- in the sense we are what we are in the nil or flatland ultimate scales and can say that much... there is more to the genome than epigenes by the way. 

The technology would benefit from miniaturization just as at some level we might replicate enough of the environs of the early universe to confirm what we think is how it works... but in the four object division on any vague dimensionless scale as a quasic gravity superduper symmetric complexity system would explain at least the lack of observation, save possibly in the laboratory, of wimps and direct observation of real but hidden gravity waves or for that matter the structural recreation or retro-engineering in experiments of totally unobservable but totally imaginable in our familiar environs of super particles In this sense we can extend our ideas of uncertainty, or relativity and whole areas of evolving mathematics to a higher level of relations that we can comprehend.

But it is all too easy to confuse issues that appear physical ones yet remain in this higher complexity as only a virtual space.  The thought experiment is a novel way to isolate and control the limits of the debate or to ignore the structures of data gained or lost as we reach the point of full understanding of physics or it devolves at times regardless of Jungian like shared wisdom, concepts and ideas.

It still is not clear something of higher intelligence of the pentacle of design is said to exist or not in the usual sense, but that is beyond the scope of these difficult yet meaningful poetically condensed essay of which that is always somehow and somewhere in back burner to which as a possible science as well as intuition  of such things may be explicitly clear,  we introduce  and reserve the term for this as the "Theotericontinuum". 

But can the implementation of shared physical technologies guarantee save developments as we learn "Neotericontinuum" without some sort of monitoring of many possible paths from an overview or guidance be that only the possible self creation of the fact of being of the universe itself?  But without higher theory critical questions remain as to how in our personal and social development things are affected by the way we raise and teach our children- what makes the early heart fixed or from the wellspring of possible organic forms possession or daemons of self design from within explode in chains of mindless or desired destruction even if it recurs toward more developed times?

The gender principles of ongoing asymmetry of descriptions and entities over the quasic brane guarantees a direction in mirror shadow inertial time over the idea of balance and symmetry even for the thermodynamic considerations- or what is the same description, finite, continuous, or as a question of unintelligibly and nonnecessary contiguity of quasi unified theory lattice elements,  the flow as circular or open puts in relief our ideas of time and entropy as the higher levels of brane and singularity complexes diverging or converging thru designs and higher uniform laws in all the symmetric space aspects including the complication of higher ideas of consciousness with it subjective time and probabilities, as well its narrow existential vision.  Reality as such in supersymmetry or more to the extent it exists is conserved or intelligibly established as differences to intercept the grounding of energy near the nil singularity fields and points.  But this idea of this as the grounding explanation of time flow is not fundamental in matters of mass or physicality this side of the Theocontinuum so to speak. 

The flow is not symmetric in the higher levels and that grounds the idea that time and the coherence of phenomena rather than the timeless symmetry noninertial, linear or curved, nonlocal or entangled at a distance explains time itself as structural laws of physicality.  Nature does seem to design as well its round rivers and somewhere in the rope that holds up the moon yet is nowhere tied I can pluck to hear the music, see the colors of my six string circular guitar, but maybe gravity holds it up, as is Apollo's Lyre.

* * * * * * *
On the proposed quantum gravity or quantum relativity level of physics generalization singularity (iota) structural bits of information for both the integer reduction from the transcendental and transfinite path or trace numbers views as if empty or absolute, generally the term 'aether-like', seems to be of use with such abstract frames of intelligible balances applying both to translation and spin boundary information as abstract motion, the tachyonic yet preseved and conserved information idea can extend instantaneously over vast measures of time in a superbrane flat Euclidean representation just as Godel envisioned some sort of a spiraling or folding of space by which one could travel back into the past as in the sphere representation, perhaps quantized in virtual distance via the taking time stance as if a wormhole... in theory where such "too weird to be true remark by Einstein to him" is somewhere a physical reality and non locality a well the possible travel may occur anywhere form some future to some other spacious now linear like algorithm of time or at least as an observational half contiguity if a location can be physically enfolded over some directional space- or at least very small bits of physical objects may loop back mirroring the dilation of scale reversed balanced with the (38 degree approximately) polar angle with mass like but atmospheric or skin surface differences from the orthogonal aleph 1 or 0 continuum ground. 

Such a process may be instantaneous and contain zero distance and time as if a universe could oscillate back into itself as the prime explanation that suggested to some theorists some principle of cosmic sensor as well the haunting questioning of invisible uncertainty in the proof of theories by the favorable universe for sentience as the anthropic principles. 

The mouth of such wormholes of indefinite surfaces and branching on either end tend to be ultimately the same place- so it may not mean something clear that the universe as a game plays itself or from a higher view the moving asymmetry state is one with a location at rest... yet, the higher view would tend to suggest that if this is the reality of things then bits from the future as symmetric entities, subjective or not, in a general higher space at rest may move between functions as a sort of mediator but hidden particle like object in such superduper space,  with vast stability over long periods of space and time, and as a reverse flow of unwinding background expansion that they gain mass and energy in discrete cases while the span of gravity effects have a higher uniformity as law.  I style these entities as trans-ecotoms in honor from ecotom, that term chosen by my alternative physics friend on the , galatomic.

But if this hints of a further generalization of future physics way beyond the 5 and greater I indicated as Phoenix physics, energy at the center of cyclic birth and death recurrence or the information in a branching tree the same bits in the trunks and branches as view a the canopy, then we would need to push the concept even higher of what we mean by God as the ultimate concern or inertial system which again would raise issues on the Theotericontinuum level.  The logic of all such theories in our imagination seems to go thru these conceptual cycles, in that sense some things are new even in a static finite universe- or given such self creation with fortunate grounding in our inelegant use of recursion there are many new technologies and phenomena we may so imagine and create with at least the third physics of quasic gravity.  The ecotomic plasma can both pinch discretely or is conserved for where can such absolutes leak?  In that sense our world is open, and subjectively or with objects can be modified with our creative philosophies and sciences as if our thoughts were so structured yet the ultimate accelerations of accelerations synchronized to the physics of the shadow structures of creative black hole like objects, ylem or quasar and so on.

 * * * * *

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