Monday, May 6, 2013

Metaphysical Symmetry and Shadow Decoders

Metaphysical Symmetry and Shadow Decoders

L. Edgar Otto   Saturday, 04 May, 2013

Californium and Spherical Lasing in the sun, the harmonics of the grid of latitude and longitude, vector as if from a center
the surface heat and ringing sound is stronger, multidimensional between the shift of gravomagentic poles and the prime meridian.

This is the onion smashed to flatness of an atom like shell structure where between the sub-shells we find the lightening   Or the spirals of the loxidrome, in chiral forms replace the orthogonal map that contains independent oceans and land-forms, pock or sunspots, jets and the motion of time left behind.

We can number the bits over all the number line, divide the surface of the shells, orient them with respect to each other even in the cycles of honeycombs, space self vibrating.

The metaphysics of the absolute, expanded the destination beyond all poles, Einstein's shared shift of techonic plates over the mantle of uncertain matching and outside the description of the aether of fixed points.

I find it frustrating enough, in the lag taking time or in the illusion beyond my perception of infinitely fast bandwidth that in the plane where the matrix is simple we erect the stratospheres of the breath of atmosphere so to arrange them as if intelligible this breaking symmetry of dimensions made flesh in the scale of our high and low observations.

As if something depends upon a tether, a life line, an umbilical of stem cells along a path that we chose a thousand times on arbitrary levels what the pink or blue pills of reduced matrices.  The castles are defended between these motes, the technicians as engineers add as much to winning wars as the powder underground at Petersburg- as the bypassing of the bayoneted bob-wire trench.  The bastions for wider view and the castle walls inside walls or here and there the killing holes tunnel thru invaders broken in maze and paths.

This app and smart phone world is such labryinth to navigate as we keep up with the styles of connector wires, lose the old data because of old forms, predict the demise of the CD save as a stand alone separate device as perhaps too soon we integrate the airwaves, phones, chasing the technology of pre-driver forerunners for such lightning bolts, often open and not grounded as we debate Franklin's rods and keys our cone of protection.  What I write and draw explicitly off line needs too many steps to speak to the old PC...frustratingly worse is that composed in dreams upon awakening the dawn that all the work may as well be never done or lost for I cannot pass it from there to even the PC... save perhaps the spirit of it, the reduced architecture of it hard to imagine or describe in the awakened world...unless I draw it on some screen, effort and energy that can access our virtual memory.

So, let us see information described on the ball, the sphere that contains parts and bits still not diverged or divided, that which from a small metaphysical stance of transmission of some few binary numbers will describe or access the whole of all numbers and perhaps the solidity of some time and space.  Does not our DNA do this by its compass circles and rings?

The symmetry or asymmetry of the bra and kets of the quantum world as if to re-normalize or be lost in infinity as if that the ground of all being real and virtual, sacred or profane, can be contained within the spherical onion branes as a matter of abduction or concern with the remote of absolutes.  Can a meaningful organization of our knowledge be far behind, the constants unity or moving, possible or impossible as existing on the ground, subject to cloudy yet external half seen parallel space?  Our cherished C in capital or h with mysterious time what we intuit as action and drink as energy?  |Ch| then in all its varieties and colors, mirrors outside and inside the bra-c-ket of our notations.  Quantum mechanics fails to probe the scope of nature's wild cards.

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