Monday, May 6, 2013

Causal, Casual, and Quasal Antigravomagnetic Symmetry

Causal, Casual, and Quasal Antigravomagnetic Symmetry

L. Edgar Otto    Sunday, 05 May, 2013

On the level of the continuum as the primary view of physicality, the third physics is concerned with symmetry as that at nonnecessary contiguity as quasicity between our continuous and discontinuous relations of quality and quantity mirrored in the dark space relates causal and casual phenomena of creative laws of existence in that it is a weight or energy by geometric structural stereonometry.  While we may imagine a spiritual element not necessarily the reality the extension into higher physics, its generation and dimensions, evokes levels of supersymmetry and superduper symmetry--- thus philosophic or metaphysical symmetry.

It is hoped that the notation for quasic abstract motion and rest, being distinguished and at least four fold in the continuous description by the same symbols makes clear the general utility and clarity of these long time quasic and omnic physics descriptions and that such a notation will make it easier to determine the solidity of what is happening beyond the metaphysics into the third philosophy of general stereonometry.

There are many technical innovations and biological links at hand including better organization of our computational environs and the control of extreme behavior and disease. Our linking as superorganism is not necessarily virtual only and out of reach between the shells of systems- but as in n-dimensional printing the structures evolve the access as if memory principles, and a quasal sense of the need for embodied material entities as wider thermodynamic laws.

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