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Shock Waves and the Split Personality of Self-Referential Mathematical Physics

Shock Waves and the Split Personality of
Self-Referential Mathematical Physics

L. Edgar Otto   02 May, 2013

My thanks to Orwin for bringing back to the books for things I missed in the historical development or discoveries concerning the Bessel functions and the alternative solutions other than the unity of a dimensional flatland akin to wave harmonics.  This raises or confirms my concerns with notation procedures that in retrospect seems trivial compared to the conclusion of Witten in that arXiv paper.  My objection being that from my more intuitive view (as opposed to the mirrors of Platonism and Formalism) that the assertion of unity in the brane conception is perhaps unoriginal to those who speculate things beyond our shown abilities to reach a total theory at the foundations raises many questions as to how far we may probe these highly abstract realms of number and on what they are grounded in philosophic logic.

It is obvious that brane theory is evolving and those like Witten have fundamental concerns which needs to be elaborated on as it relates to the containment or unity of narrow catastrophic events in physics or the diversity of directions physics may go to be developed alternatively.  After all where wave equations are used we already go into what some think an alien world of quantum laws that for some is as uncertain as it remains a mystery - these in effect mere identities of our trigonometry equations.

If there is a general unity of the world as physics from the start we may integrate a totality or do so partially, thus describe the nature of entropy.  Complex spaces are not powerful enough to explain self referential by certainties or uncertainties what is the more general picture of thermodynamics even if applied to concepts of black hole surfaces.  Schizophrenics, that diagnosis that is usually given when other diagnoses escape the doctors (despite the slow progress made by cognitive and physical neurology observations) applies as much to our states of mind in which we entertain a stance or belief to some theory.

While the foundations suggest, in the method of such functions and dimensionless constants of indefinite range in some wider picture, some remarkable generation of integer values and orthogonality from some perspective, this assumption of things being cyclic...obviously the skeleton of a theory such as the Ekpyrotic universe without the division (after all in their own presentations we realize a split mind can appear and be exceptionally rational) of an atom or atomic region as if an onion like, Bohr like ensemble of series of shock waves.  Can there be in the sense of it a multi-ekpyrotic universe to ask this vaguely and is not this search for a higher unified theory explored a bit in the death bed equations of Einstein?

I think it is clear that for all its useful technology at the foundations the dividing of the imaginary and real spaces as Fourier did should still be questioned beyond its utility for it is something on the frontier of concerns and the mind of the designer that should evoke the shocks they explain in our middle scale in the universe as living beings from the start prone to self referential concepts standing on a razor edge.  His guess may be just a lucky one to something more ultimate, but this is as much a question of physics itself as well as some sort of grounding needed at the foundations.  Can the universe in its ice and fire do Fourier analysis without Fourier or is such intuition that which is conserved between the analog and digital, tricks of natures mirrors?

In particular what sort of guess is it that feels some certainty or unity in the higher reaches of group and dimension theory that in that higher space we may decide that things are consistent after all more than just intelligible to some sentient beings?  Can these problems in string (and brane) theory merely be extensions of our methods in dealing with what an seem a reduction yet a mystical procedure.  In particular how can we simply say a string needs some extra dimension to vibrate in without having a loss of information even if a deeper world can be probed?  What does it actually mean in a wider view to define degrees of freedom and how far can this hold together intelligibly?  Could such a string not have an absolute but intrinsic effect like curvature in a linear reduction?  The distinctions, a split in itself without better explanation yet one that extends and simplifies our prejudices of interpretation and procedures, of the plane horizontal or vertical of Feynman diagrams is not deep enough to describe this sensed higher realm of some sort of newer levels of physics.

Even as a matter of quadratics, it is clear that, in this rising or descent into higher space so coming back again as if it a mystery as such remaining unknown and computing in the dark and multiply its force of histories  but a^2 + b^2 = c if we use as information the self referential binary patterns of the golden section ( a key length in four space even with its possible four fold dialectics and restrictions in the physical world to what ghosts of departed quantities we jettison beyond our deep understanding of acceleration).  Moreover, there certainly are simpler equations involving at least half value substitutions than the quadratic equation.  This merely translates into the unlikely familiar world more like the intuition view.

By things not split I fancy Witten means, like Descartes, we are only concerned with positive quadrants for the negatives are but a conventional way to simplify our equations and in a sense is useful in a world we we exclude transit across zero and negative axes.  And of course the diagonals of matrices are not a simple description for some such as Marni explore patterns a little beyond them.  So is there a positive only sense of things like the table cloth fractals... Leo Vuyk certainly suggests this explains a lot if we consider what happens before the dust forms of the first hydrogen we apparently are surprised not there in our deep observations.  Yet nature seems to be there despite our speculations and dealing with evolked feelings or equal descriptions usually of a statistical nature that pushes away the shadow question of creative origins in the first of primitive senses.  Not all the believers are to be so casually dismissed nor the presence of logic at least in philosophy, nor art as viewed as a product of ideology only useful in the service of a state to which without it an individual is in effect thought to be nothing. Let us not repress our humanity.

What childish poem of violets and blues if alive and exists at all can be measured compared to an absolute emptiness?   What  repeated purulence as dramatic form of a pulp romance novel fulfills some minds their imaginations with blessed short term memory only that they buy the same book the marketers cover with a new cover and title?The red shifts go deep into what is the possibilities and certainties, and adaptability of our genes.  What inside us, child like, longs for the same story over and over or if but once we grow tired of a song?

I read once, an Israeli study, that orgasm is a short range frequency modulation.  Do we not project, Plato like the ancient unity desired in return our split from one soul?  Why can science not explain we do not laugh in the self reference of tickling.  But do the experiment yourself and you may discover at the peak the strenght is half again as strong for we feel that of our lover.  Is it so far fetched to think that somehow, with innate fire walls and hopeful transparent messages into the unknown that we cannot share the dreams of our lovers or the thoughts of our fellow inquirers? Perhaps it can be simplified to harmonics given wide enough scope and generality yet not reduce the experience.  The technological consequences if you think a little about it can be quite humorous as well as giving us more control over our lives and futures.

I recall going to the gallery in London viewing the collection of Dali, DeKooning, and pop art... how apt the name of surrealistic calculus. I mean pointillism cannot be captured by a camera or a print (possibly in these times) nor the effect where in the hills and valleys and stay fibers on of the canvass the colors flow as if over a mountain range.  What then but the great theme understood by a young man full of homesickness yankee go home show me the way and yet too long not to love the vanished empire, too respectful of the royal line to not be offended if a brain drain British professor dismissed him as a product of flagship universities only preserving the elite and yet that has and will never change- but what of pure research and learning?

Time goes on in succession of the artist work on the wall, the melting clocks and strange mature themes of the surrealists began with their precise renditions of still lifes then beyond that what they imagined or saw, a little self indulgence suggested to the viewers but not a post modern theme nor abstract reflection of minute arts. But as the brain of Dekooning grew more tangled did he not paint true what he saw, one sided, skewed her face, the mirror girl of his dreams whole and everything as with most anything at the germ and core and drive our truths or illusions of unity again, beyond perhaps the bicameral many poles of our branes, the faculty of putting things, even the stray hints of Pitkaen in p-adic space inside the higher object horizons.

But we all choose somewhat how to spend our light, how to organize the world with our minds inspired or not to transit the shells of heaven and hell of some early polyhedral model with its music of the spheres- the universe between man and the gods inspiring us by our special belief in our Beatrice.

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