Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Abstract Symmetry

Abstract Symmetry (Absm)

Causality is also a quasi-abstract symmetry relaxed condition of the universe as if an illusion of an abstract system or group as a grounding idea that either exists or not thus if exists is positive in the main (not something for the reason of existence that the universe is physically discernible as biased chiral differences in its particles which may or may not randomly by default on some discernible level occur.)

*0 - Absm does not require a rigid concept of distinguishable vacua and substance.

*1 - Absm suggests substantial aspects of unified effects can be discerned by shared orientation between dimensions.

*2 - Absm has several logical inner relationships which are distinguishable as symmetries combining or breaking.

*2.1 - Thus the distinguishing between products of rigid and relaxed subgroups and over-groups determine space and physicality.

*3 - Once in a certain relation as such these tend to persist unless disturbed by other such relations.

*3.1 - It may take or seem to take an infinite amount of time for two objects to touch or break apart or persist in such a state of touching.

*3.2 - Depending on the Absm particles may not touch or be distinct in space in multiple places or may persist in between.

*3.3 - A physical rigid relation in the over-symmetry or in the sub-symmetry may or may not persist as either relaxed or rigid Absm relations.

*3.4 - These abstract group products may have material effects as a relaxation matter of quasi evolving relations.

*3.5 - The matrix formalism does not describe the physicality completely without the interpretation of abstract symmetry relationships.

*3.6 - The universe cannot be characterized only in a relaxed manner of material relations without such Absm effects part of a unified but relaxed theory, completely.

*3.7 - States of the potential and occurrence of energy may change with the Absm as it may do so thus conservation by symmetry or minimum action persists positively.

*4 - A single object or between two objects the Absm of gravitation as ambiguity or of particles as uncertainty make the relation to space one of quasi-foundational as a principle of physics. Gravity and momentum are notions as artifacts of a more general theory.

*5 - An Organic system despite increasing complexity tends to balance states of creation and destruction. (or such states may be invisible even if there seems to be an imbalance such as exponential acceleration as invisible on some kinetic level)

*6 - The capacity for thought and imagination (including brain frontiers of creativity in relation to dopamine- see blog I follow recently) of intelligible relations in the universe, what is real and what is fantasy, is at least grounded to the depth of this Absm that consciousness is quasi-real yet quasi-speculative in its shifting potentials including our assertions, imagined and real revision of the idea of fixed causal-like historical time which is of course an Absm in itself.

* * *

*alpha - Time and gravity, analogous to some idea of self in a holography like sense seems an illusion.

*beta- That an over-group can completely describe some state of physicality it does not necessarily follow that the group is everything in itself nor the same description of something similarly described by that group (Lorentz in particular). Also the underlying understanding of the group from some system of physicality does not establish the validity of the geometric analogy that the new pattern applied describes the real. Such groups might be or seem real by default that all else falls out of the design from it not existing in the vacuum.

*gamma - Perhaps the next idea at some nexus of understanding physis is just beyond our grasp of physicality. That some space in itself and centered dimensionally of abstract symmetry reaches out beyond our coherent and complete self, our self-image also that which can be within, goes a long way to explain our false sense of siqe Abws well our longing for that beyond us. Thus in a sense outside us as a physicality or not.

* * *

Later that afternoon:

So what is the logic of black swans existing? In any case here is one of our local jet black squirrels. I note in newscientist com yesterday 6 intuitions which we should not trust- I suppose part of the game of "soul-washing" to take a term from my Jordanian poet professor friend on philochat, is to influence how others cause one to view their own intuitions that when correct we may still not see them. My dreams the last two nights were of this one physics thought where in the dreams we do much of our thinking and computation isolated or not in the finely structured but quasi-intuitive realm of these abstract group categories including what we are at any given time or what we where- and after all what others think and how they see the world. I quote also from my facebook status a couple of days ago:

L. Edgar Otto Lately I have been thinking about some ideas for short stories. These will come from the philosophy resulting from my thoughts on physics- like The Sea of Gravity on blogspot today. But I will write it in scenes and give it a general picture later. We are all much more different mentally than I once imagined- how can we ever stay together for long?

L. Edgar Otto Played in the Mousetrap last night, a noisy crowd having fun- but a few people made comments and my new dreamt song Under Your Spell Again got notice. Then I walked with Natalie across the bridge on the way home and recited my song Hayley. Only 1 physics thought this afternoon. And this thought was it, especially after seeing a discussion on philochat with lincoln on the matrix and space time in two space of which from my view now the formalism looked a little confident but outdated :-) was this principle of I style abstract symmetry- it is not trivial to move in such a mental space even if only in a dream that is if we still touch the earth and balance our psyches and souls- I am not sure the argument against chi in the philochat is a fair one and does not rather say that he who has the propaganda calls the physical rules- I am not sure linford and others really addressed the issue as non-science in a scientific and not blindly even autistically political manner- yet such is the role of religion to them which somehow is protected and hidden as an agenda against honesty of our souls- but it may be necessary if we are after all to stay together for long we so different.

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