Thursday, June 10, 2010

Omnomical Metaphysics

Omnomical Metaphysics

Has the free market failed, my jeoz, and replaced by state capitalism? Where does free will vs the totalitarian true believers in religious and state institutions? If we treat economics as if it were consciousness and not just by some abstract mechanical random or deterministic formula would economics make more sense?

Let us imagine, more for now of a metaphysical concern, that he ambiguity or even the uncertainty at the end of an omnomic consideration is not to be views too relaxed or too dogmatically. The same is true of the foundations of physics as far as we can now see and experience it in relation to the notions of our existing.

We cannot say decisively that the origin or ultimate eternal states of things is based on some sort of determined consciousness nor upon some random flux of nothingness. These notions are less than a slightly higher one of omnium as a totality yet miscellenous collection of what physically is and its logical laws. As this is the ultimate quicksand of logical notions this explains why undefended some notion of newspeak works- the same old speak really- evolution by power of the fittest and by deception. In the end the question of uniqueness and originality does not solve the time paradoxes in a multiverse, not does denial, nor given potentially infinite cycles or time any one fact of concrete raw and temporal existing. The fact of universe does not ultimately prove what its foundations are.

Imagine then the remote and omnomic place where say a photon is in flight unhampered and where time vanishes as that limit is approached. In quantum and special relativity we cannot say that some eternal place is reached where time is frozen or does not exist or is an illusion by some trick of the algebra and mass. We respond to the evolving uniqueness of our own minds and world and we appeal to what we perceive as higher forces there and personal ones by magic and prayer. Yet it may be that no such totality is there on the outside of our current incarnation that is we cannot say as we imagine of the universe that God is one or many or any such number or notion scientifically as say for example infinity or none.

In space we "have noting to push against" as Rowlands says of the zero point energy and the action-reaction principle. Yet, at remote omnomic regions of engaged thought or physics we may not find light with a purpose of minimum action and the conservation of matter and uniqueness of symmetries and number- We say that at that space it is not enough to reduce the wind before as it blows from behind so sadder but wiser we move thru time. At the remote omnometry of it all with unique quasi-paths of so many indefinitely original, we have more than one manipulation of time possible. Space must be quasically folded too and parameters of natural dimensions understood if anything is to remain stable for long in a quasi-determinism. We in this place here and now not just play the simple game of time directed and time travel and parallel but one of our ability to go beyond our present range of touch and visions and experience wide engagement with changes in all aspects of time and our lives if we can know how so to change things in this world and can survive it as our unique selves in the process. All of this goes a little beyond our experience with magic so far- but not that far beyond these artificial constructs in the world we call nation states- and what is universal and underlies our metaphors and languages artificial or not beyond our ideas of universe in our time. Our minds can adjust reality in more powerful ways than we now even alarmingly whisper in our invitation to imagine.

* * *

OMN-4 At the remote view of the universe and notions of it there is more than the illusions and paradoxes and logic involving time and time travel. Anything can be changed past or future and done so in present beyond the originality of particular realities (if we only know what to change by technique and faith by our evolving our design and our balanced immersion into the creative and creation. We in effect can travel existentially, infinitesimally, and as if a micro-time travel on a much wider scale than we now imagine- and this structure is intelligible and coextensive with those involving the endowment of our genome. What is and what is not is still restrained and subject to our spiritual ideas like karma and a multiplicity of lives and realities and individuals- but the lesson goes beyond this in that at some remote point even all the history of the past lives and possible lives can be rewritten in a sense or changed. Even our spirituality here and now is no longer earthbound. But as this can ground our earthly reality we have a new point of departure to take off into new realms of a better quality of life and worlds of enquiry. Let us not remain in blissiful stagnation but reach for our stars.

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