Saturday, June 5, 2010



There are those who cannot see shadows
then there is he who confuse His shadow with the God and
God's shadow with his own

You, neither the water or the wave, drink of neither
the waters nor the waves yet you dance together dancing alone

Our shadows bundle in our dreams as we lovers
embrace, explore our weightless togetherness

Cling to eye tricks of firefly trail at night, the water's wake or
your life's skipping stone's circles, seed dust in the clouds

On these you make the first poetry made for God's hymns
to rhyme Him with the world so feel Him

You are my moon singing silently with your whisper drums of starlight
you do not eclipse Him, half shadow and half light, as you move further away

Your shadow reflecting shadows as you gaze into your dark and
empty mirror waging cream and wrinkles, scrying our earthly vanities

What can it mean to me if I cannot be a part of you or
your beauty to the world receptive to desires?

Our heartbeats enduring only fall apart within us and
between us in the shadows

* * *


*1. There is no reason to expect in the global intelligibility of numbers that the center of some reasonable set of them forms regular and symmetric shapes. It can be the case that such are quasi or semi-regular as in the solids.

*2. Even in the case where of so many objects all connected to each other can we know that they form a regular system of connections, thus conserve some aspect of energy by symmetry. Yet such simplicity of simplexes may seem the higher ideal and what is left over as defects of mass or space moves or jumps a bit, intelligibility simply that higher things are successors greater than the lonely generating numbers even moving within their local structure.

* * *

From Facebook:

L. Edgar Otto Memorial Day and I hide away and do mathematics (hard to sleep in the heat too). How odd reading the rights under the UN- how from another time- the right to Nationality or the right to found a family, equal pay and so on... We needed jobs not memorials- may you all enjoy the beginning of summer. Our fragmented society hides plumes undersea.

L. Edgar Otto June and maybe a new approach to my pesla blog - interesting new particles possible and a better way to read the very complex gene code in the news- a brave new world in our future and I feel rather at home in it.

L. Edgar Otto It does not matter if we see the world or heaven as bubbles or tiled and flat- it is the same description that falls short of the depths of spirit or of the nothingness.

L. Edgar Otto
I sorrow knowing how much we cannot do in our ignorance as in some medical conditions when I know ways that we could do it. What is left but personal trials and acceptance of our time that leaves our spirits with personal and ongoing injury. Hush, hush, it will not hurt long, dying alone with their sugar pills of empty cliches held dear behind their better you than me smug smiles

L. Edgar Otto
Thinking about higher space can be as exhausting as it is thrilling- and boring. But I do not mean to suggest I am in a negative mood here. I wrote a poem called Umbra or shadows today, and was a little down thinking my state left me not I my state for all the changes in the laws concern veterans affect me in the moment but I lived longer. The mood did not last long as I strive to keep at creative work.

* * *

Comment today for Lubos,


Now this post is most clear and addresses concerns I have had long before any of this becomes possibly newsworthy. This includes the appeal to "origins" as the reason we exist rather than the total zero balances of matter-antimatter.

You understand the issue and for the most part I agree with things you say in the article.

Nevertheless there are deeper symmetries and violations of these twists and turns in the shadows of space and on whatever relation to ideas of energy or global shifts of the fundamental constants or paradigms of worldviews the simple mathematics of it, and the logic of the topology stands well beyond the physics of our time.

The question of origins itself is neither asked nor well formulated at our present time - science may ask about it but should be too sensible to make blind assertions to defend or be iconoclast to some system of dogma.


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