Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Astronomy Picture of the Day 15th Anniversary

Astronomy Picture of the Day 15th Anniversary

I have followed this site from the third year it began and have been inspired to a great deal of poetry and contemplations sometimes in disagreement of what it says I see. The art and links are wonderful and I have rarely missed a day learning a lot also from following its links. I too have long said in agreement with one of the comments on today's photo feel that Van Gogh drew stars as what he saw- that is, dark matter halos.


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Posted on Facebook and continuing the last blog post on fourth physics:
L. Edgar Otto
Words are still stronger than math when after their logical coinage is replete we do not clearly coin and define even newer words, algebra once done with words now word problems difficult - we not burdened with shillings and pence, diagramming sentences, doing square roots by hand...

Last night I had some interesting ideas which I felt the need to write down when I considered a deep principle, at first a fanciful exploration, namely that what we consider from some general viewpoint a point particle (point string like actually or my iota particle) as a point particle may have further structure as an assumption
about abstract grids and points in real and virtual space. I find some rather interesting consequences of this philosophy of physicality especially as it relates to thermodynamic like views, sub-space signals, and memory (mnomics) as coherence and decoherence at the guage where our abstract grids have a sort of phenergy, that is Phoenix Continuum (PhCm) one of 3+1 physics. (alternatively Qp or Q4 in a more holoistic view of the model as a system.) This perhaps is a way to measure or predict the masses of things through the real subsets that adjust the core values of the gross grid and gauges that predict the particle natures.

A drawing too simple to express clearly the information- drawn for the fun of it.

But I posted the raw manuscripts with the struggle for new wording and this morning by the river said some of it in a poem.

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