Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Philosophical Physics

Composed on the Solstice June 21, 2010

Here I continue to post informally to get it down (yet it does not seem as urgent to do so lately) and I must admit the encounters with the state have taken somewhat of a toll in general physical strength, yet the situation seems vastly improved today and I am ready to make future plans now that I have some measure of financial stability.

Philosophical Physics

*0 Qnil Physis is a notion of that which can be described completely as scientifically independent of the abstract notions of nothingness(vacua)as random or determined intelligible design subsumed into intelligible causality of dimensioned everlasting being.

*1 Ql Physis is described completely by the assumption the constant "c" is maximum velocity.

*2 Qm Physis is described completely by the assumption (& observation) that the constant "h" is minimum action.

*3 Qs Physis is described completely by the assumption a dimensionless and apparently irreducible constant topology of a dimensioned region is quasi-finite.

*4 Qph Physis is the directed existing comprehensive dynamics of all possible notions as non-necessarily open or closed evolving teleology.

*n Qmega That which is not physis may become so completely evolving beyond physis becoming a nothingness as quasi-directed and positive in the balance unto quasi-intelligible and globally unique multiplicity of states of being. (There can be foundational degrees of nothingness and being.)

All these physis models together begin to define the substance or essence of consciousness as self-reflecting and outwardly projected quasi-intelligible general design states- but not completely.

An irreducible particle N+ may disintegrate but as complete does not necessarily do so over infinite time, space, or gravity.

Any material system in mathematical relation to itself is partly a duplication of + & - potentiality structuring non-existence.

* * *

Thoughts on the State and the Philosophy of Physis

Science not only goes through periods of needed emphasis on theory or applications, but in a higher sense at some frontier struggles to emphasize what is concrete and what is philosophical. In this respect philosophy proper is most likely ever present as a tool for scientific evaluation and enquiry.

Jealous of the power of a state or political system where on this level the more powerful a state the more it has to defend itself from its people -regardless in the moment if the style of the times asserts efficiency of the essential so to define at least in the present the life style of an individual or organized group, that of politically asserted and defended human rights, that democratically in theory, the stronger the people the less they need to defend themselves against maladaptive agendas yet being adaptable against a reasonable state.

The reality of the state of states should never assume existing laws, nor arbitrary laws are everlasting (as there are always surprises possible in the unknown not anticipated) and yet in the unified intelligibility of realities over time with sufficient longevity and power of a person if the sensibility of our minds and moods survive it and are stimulated by it, the truth of this dialectic of science and philosophy becomes clearer to an individual and expands, perhaps indefinitely, our enlightenment. Power that negates existentially (either overtly or of hidden influences) negates itself unto a boring neutral yet hopeful or deluded joke.

* * *

The contract and obligations exist if exercised by government and the widest of creative possibilities of nature, albeit they imperfect and often but a matter of trust and faith in ourselves, live and think organically as if a Lockean enquiring system. The world that does not fund such hopeful enquiry will see both the state and its people perish. While there are no fundamental guarantees, between the state and the individual we should expect at least public apologies and reasonable formal dialog without presuming the quality of our life projects unworthy beforehand- especially where individuals dedicate the pursuit of science as their happiness for the good of the whole and the risk of dead end answers. Again, we as if new born immigrants to the world from time to time should reconsider things fundamentally at the foundations and our drawing boards- may my informal thoughts as Celestia said have some jewels in the informal mix that do not waste our light of our lifetime and love. Forgive then the simplicity of some of these in real time posts for there perhaps we socially if not collectively have a newly dealt chance to have more abundant life.

* * *

I forgot to mention that some of these seemingly non-linear models come close to understanding the workings of the genome (new scientist had an article that said it was a myth there were no junk genes). From a wider mathematics the hard to see duplications and distinguishing of species and mutations- really as simple as arranging cards in a deck of four suits is close to a more unified and biologically modeled physics. Thus linguistically it can be confusing to by analogy alone to use terms in computing like genetic algorithm without it being something that describes the actual programs of genes and their relations- in the article they treated part of the genome and how it relates to the mind (ie epigenes) as "dark matter" here again is a confusing metaphor that may detract from the higher level and literal use of the term as applied math and physics to our human genome- as I so used the term but not intended as a vague metaphor using our hyper languages.

* * *

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