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The Sea of Gravity

The Sea of Gravity
Metaphors for a short story from creative speculative physics- maybe called The Brane that Would not Die...

Physics like religion has to deal with conflicts that seem more based on the underlying philosophies...

*1 Things have a potential and freedom to evolve and mutate not because there is a fixed hierarchy of groups and subgroups but these can be multiplied intelligibility as if such relaxed covering groups and dimensional bases (much like between the vastly complex mental diversity of humans in perception and unique relationships) as if they were a part of a symmetry breaking of such non-necessary hierarchies. But in this sort of virtual world such breaking may not have material effects.

*2 Individual entanglement by the relationship(s) above is not necessarily determined nor permanent- including if developed by random evolution and encountering everywhere over time and space.

*3 Gravity over general possible evolving can seem an absolute and God-like sense of Laws fundamental in any particular universe or not regardless of infinity or dimension.

*4 Gravity may grow stronger as if our space and time narrows in a dream and we lay horizontal to it so as not to move it it seems to become the growing lesser range and limits of our personal space as if it is more materiality. It can be like a focusing Markov chain averaging to a universal force as well as seen as such deterministic force.

*5 The subspace of "sub-creation"(fiction writing), has hypersea connections that is
there are pathogens such as viruses that can be passed in the blood, eg tattoos.

*6 The creative artist's work on a sub-creative level (considering the lack of defining a purely mechanical self even by computer simulation what is it of our ideas of self and culture that is so in the spirit of gravity that it can debate the higher creation of the world?) That an individual (and his reputation) lives conveys certain rights in being and yet they vanish totally at death- but in a sense the work becomes real where it was not while the artist lives, in this higher sense we have the drive of identity socially of the species and such struggle and the possibility of the measured lifespan of our species- measured or not for a short breadth.

*7 We can have a hierarchy of p-brane distinct shells of probability resolving and indefinitely asymptotically free possibility of shells of gravity.

*8 Understanding a theory to some level of abstraction (indeed, I am fascinated lately but some of our standard and simple ideas of things like energy and how they may be seen in the usual way.) to some level abstractly deeper makes the first theory seem all the more speculatively simple in retrospect and mysterious before hand as if to command interest of something we suspect profound.

*9 We cling to the artistic memory or portrait of lost loved ones as if some vanished nova or ghost even while alive and in our later days hold more to the mirror of their memory back when- such a mirror more like the gravity felt over time.

From yesterday on the Natural 6 Colour Matrix : Note that if we interchange the colors (in the illustration HEJ and JAO in my bicolor notation) we can have an abstract distinction (differentiation of a genome for example as a sort of neutral group symmetry breaking) of 15 or 30 such matrices. Does it follow that in the fourdimensional case that the significant number of a four codon is 21 or 42? or is there other things and more complicated things to consider like perhaps some intrinsic imbalance in four space of what even in abstract symmetry breaking is a sort of hidden spontaneous breaking of balanced laws (as if they have to break somewhwere?)

* * *

The Sea of Gravity by L. Edgar Otto

"Life is not always beautiful" read the tattoo on her foot in Italian. I spoke it out loud standing by her waiting for the barista to finish making her latte so I could order my morning mocha."

"Yes, you speak Italian. No one has every understood it before without asking me."

"No, I just thought it was Latin and the words looked familiar from seeing them other places yet they fit together. But isn't it a rather dark thought on this bright summer day for a permanent tattoo?"

"Well, there is another part, a more hopeful line where life has its moments of beauty, but that on my childhood friend's foot."

* * *

The ongoing addition of thoughts or scenes for this story will be posted on my other blog after this passage:

* * *

Sometimes we are caught between the fight and the fight. Some of us fear to step foot out the front door and some cannot stand to be inside for long. Others rearrange their rooms moving meaningless objects from one place to another as if to give their placement of thoughts a new deal but nothing is ever really cleaned up by it- just things sink to the floor from our cluttered table like water seeking its own level until it in turn is buried and if we take the effort to dig up such old memories we find them fossilized and far to much a part of the past earth to compare the DNA.

Rita could not stay for long in one town and with one lover, even with her medications. She had to go to warmer climes, leave everything behind. Yet her desire for flight was not a crisis flight- she got nothing from the just being on a bus forever from place to place, getting vouchers from Traveler's Aid to the next town and voucher. She just needed different lights, and ways to sustain a life from the hotel room as if that was permanent enough not to allow into her visions in the distant that troubled her and gave her mild but disturbing voices while her bouts of depression and mania.

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