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Natural Six Colour Matrix

Natural Six Colour Matrix

Today I sent this comment to the reference frame blogspot that relates to some of this on my mind.


Great article and in general I agree with your approach and evaluation of the role of theories of vacua, what is beautiful or saved or jettisoned or not.

I begin to easily recognize the technical language of the field and find some ideas very similar to my outsider notions. I am not that sure how this may realte to gravity but to say the brane has supersymmetry seems to me a fundamental pattern in nature. I am not that clear on how you get the "weights" in the patterns.

I keep thinking that a lot of this appears from the mathematical formalism- that is perhaps what I am doing is some sort of transpose of determinants in the algebra- something real but not necessarily the only matrices that are important for observation. One could even hold the position that strings and such algebra are everything and the physics would be less important when eventually reduced to it.

That the Higgs may not default to the Planck scale and thus spontaneous symmetry breaking I feel rather based on a deeper principle than supersymmetry (but your presentation is very cleaver and I must say among all these theory's even some are not real are very beautiful and thrilling to contemplate.) I post something today that haunts me that in the normal physics these algebras already in clear patterns predict some of the mediator particles and so on (and certainly I agree with you on the 4 space formulism also needed over 3+1) The particle style may also be somewhere between the various natures of the neutrinos. But in any case this is a problem I see as first grounded in a sort of mirror symmetry for whatever explains the generational problem.

The PeSla

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This six colour matrix I include to balance the last two graphs of my last blogpost. The side or margin notes contain some interesting ideas on the pattern of how things may shift say in a genetic sense of things. Certainly I agree with Lubos on the underlying patterns that such abstract physics seem to describe as nature and that in genetics for example things are not as chaotic as suggested in a recent new scientist article where there are "junk genes" with the 23000 there after all. I have been showing the relation to such models (apparently on hierarchical scales as on the cell level proteins seem to communicate but more importantly there is the microRNA and an influential thought junk corresponding pseudoRNA that Science News yesterday said had a role after all.) So, just as we may say there are two "Brains" (glia) there may be two observation systems of the physical body- or say two genomes and their functions (ie energy) in a body cell.

Still, in the way the body heals or goes awry the quasic idea as a generational idea actually sets the possibility of what can follow what preceded by what (teleoscoping and Markov chain views even). This is true on the informational level and the string theory level. We have more like an interplay of three or four three dimensional spaces that are present in the shadows and sometimes upset the current state of the interconnection and function of body cells.

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Later today:

Lubos again honors me with a reply- I am beginning to really like this guy:

Dear The PeSla, thanks for your inspiring feedback from a different but comprehensible initial angle.

By the way, it's true that the branes that are relevant for phenomenology also preserve SUSY. After all, all non-SUSY branes in realistic vacua are very unstable and quickly decaying. So it's typically true that locally, a brane preserves 1/2 of the supersymmetry generators and breaks the other half. Various more general collections of branes only preserve a smaller percentage of SUSY. But even in a general case, they should better preserve some to avoid instabilities. The SUSY breaking should be left to some "low-energy" phenomena if it is a low-energy SUSY breaking, so the most robust, geometric parts of the background are typically SUSY branes etc.

If you had some "deeper" explanation of the hierarchy than SUSY, it could be immensely interesting if it were really "deeper" Smile which is a different way for me to say that I find it somewhat unlikely.

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