Monday, June 14, 2010

A Comment for Lubos on thereferenceframe blogspot

A Comment for Lubos on thereferenceframe blogspot

June 14, 2010 There is not much to say today for me and if one is observant with the pictures from the last post (of which you can see my vague reflection in a silver button near the Beetles badge) I have somehow gained a day as if I slept a few times. In any case my feelings after sufficient sleep and the dreams were more to do with just what it means for us to be a part of society. I find it amazing in taking advice that a few times I was not allowed to go to UWEC because they said I needed a certified birth certificate after all- ironically without one I cannot cash any government checks reaching the age where perhaps school does not matter and from my view the adverts on the tele are pointless and just who do they address. I mean the whole system seems broken which in a way gives me the freedom to continue my work regardless of any survival benefits and rewards. I am at the point where I think I can deeply see into some others so as to try to imagine what it would take to make our lives better- perhaps an new political party, a New Constellation, but then it may just turn out like all the parties, compromised and self-centered. In any case it should not be that we are all allowed to defraud each other if it is done formally.

In the above illustration is the peacock by my son Justin and a kitten by a friend. It seems that a lot of people have taken up the brush lately and I am not sure why maybe a form of self therapy, maybe an appeal to hands on and authentic art. In any case the peacock with its thousand eyes (universes?) has been for me the fundamental symbol of the quasic physics. and in this case the cat is of course the quantum cat with all its newfangled symmetries of its grins. This is on my mind in my comment to Lubos of which I am not sure he will make sense of what I have written.


Very interesting post, and a name like goldstini sounds a vast improvement in naming such things as gluons and so on.

Still, other than the possible fact of many dimenisons, observable or not, what this may prove may not be these ideas of supersymmetry in the way we expect time. It may mean simply that there are factors of two in the algebraic description which is really about the way dimensions influence things. As Peter Rowlands points out the values, things adjusted to unity of measure, that the muon is twice that of the electron, and the tauon twice that of the muon. In a sense what is not seen or felt by muons is not something we can say is not there or how many are not there. How many Higgs particles are there?

These measures prove something but I am not sure it only proves supersymmetry as such. It is not clear that such math that descrives the observavble can describe that which is for now beyond theory or experiment other than our self centered view of what is real being what we observe from our own universe and centered reference frame. Philosophically this is the question of if there is a meaningful choice between the string and multiverse models when clearly all such models seem to apply in some ways. Can the information at the surface of things describing the inside of things of all possible points of interaction be shown independent of other such surfaces and insides?

But what do I really know since it is hard not to just say there is simply a vacuum of nothingness somehow and a few positive bits of solid matter that corresponds to our physical sense of things- even now the invisible electric and magnetic fields being a different substance bring out the childhood amazement in me.

The PeSla

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Status comment on facebook this afternoon:

L. Edgar Otto
Sooner or later the new ideas become the old, and the fantasies become the reality. Best we can do is to try to see how existence is like for the other guy that we make good sense of our dream of being and can aid others in their worthy desires, at least where we are real together. We need a new party, the New Constellation, or a least have a good party.

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