Thursday, June 17, 2010

Primitive Stereonometry

Primitive Stereonometry

Again, under the weather, there is not much on my mind save perhaps taking a look at the deep foundations of the notion of simple relative motions and a positive space of solid object in it. Much of physics seems to me to begin in the idea of map projections. I have a page of June 16th with some suggestions of formulas but it is mostly in my shorthand notes to myself so would be hard to read if posted.

I began a poem in answer to Paul Anthony's comment on my myspace blog but did not have the energy to finish it either. I am wondering if his comment was just that or an objection to the notions in the poem. If objections then the basis of the poem as being optimistic was not made clear and understood.

Kingdom Come

We, conceived in a test tube
unify through mirrors of crystal glass
feats of calculation, no shadows to
escape and rest within blinding prismatic light...

I did not mean it to read that in that we may be precise images of God then He as we would be necessarily finite. I mean that in a wider view of things, either way the same description of space and time toward a fourth or Phoenix physics (wherein the creation is balanced but made permanent from the annihilation on the deepest of vacua levels filled or not) in such simple ideas as the equivalence of motion or even acceleration between solid positive objects we may find the gauge or string idea equivalents to ideas like the double rotation for quaterionic identity symmetry of electrons and so on... Some things can be greater than c but are not necessarily tachyons and not necessarily Euclidean nor limiting of neutrino shifting chirality and mass.

The boson and fermion ideas with the subspaces or iotas generalized and made more concrete but in a hidden way the evolving nature of our mind, universe and self is made clearer where teleology is part of the thermodynamic picture. The loxidrome moreover and its dialectics in the multidimensional disc (as in the sphere around it and cycles of the sun symmetries, or of galaxies and dark matter spheres, sets the unique number points such as phi and the square root of two to be less multiversal. Of course in this generalization we are and are not each other, that is our notions can be shared bosonically or fermionically and in the unity of that yet this does not merely set forth a laboratory idea of sterile creation alone as science.

I guess the translation of that page of notes was not that hard to read nor to state and are or seem rather simple and primitive as the dreams of such things lately are peaceful and balanced - a few ideas and not many and yet profound if we see them that way. Unfortunately circumstances keep me up too much, roommate and teeth problems, and so on, and thoughts or angers that do break through from my own situation with the veterans administration for example (the heat too at night) that seems exacerbated by similar complaints of many friends lately- hard to keep a positive attitude when those who cause this for others especially the young do not seem to be thoughtful humans but some sort of machines, efficient but not very good planners of a better society.

Along these lines I posted two comments on facebook today:

L. Edgar Otto The secret to understanding ourselves and the universe is that we are only a fleeting guest in the scheme of things yet love is eternal - its loss is not a new open door to somewhere else we are that door and mirror that doubles our embrace as we meet there for all time and share the latch keys while the gods are off doing other things.

L. Edgar Otto One secret I think of yet: we expect at any still or moving moment that things and we remain the same, look the same in the slow creeping glass of life's mirror. Have you not heard at the oasis in the desert of your spirit, mirage for drinking deeply - that there is no universe!

* * *

I will finish the poem and get around to a formal presentation of all this one day.
The application of such geometry to models of the mind I find rather interesting beginning with the two ways we can view hyperspace in the folding and unfolding or the storage over some region GR like or QM like- or the cells themselves that do what even the bacteria can evolve to do in their spiraling chirality.

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