Sunday, June 13, 2010

Quasized Viriality

Quasized Viriality

Inspired in this photo over the celestial sphere I say GO BRASIL! in the football, and I hope they kick but again this year too!

Looking back at the unfolding of my ideas, especially as they did so since the last soccer games based on earlier contemplations, on the rather dry life consuming pursuit of theoretical physics, finding principles that tend to confirm rather than support lesser principles; I find the intuitive hits remarkable in a sea of notions where their development seems unlikely to be right - thus for those who would search my writings in depth there are rewards to be found as I so creatively have found them beyond our difficulties of translations and efforts of stumbling enquiry.

*The assumption that physical systems where the formalism of the mathematics asserts a finite and scale independent mass in dualistic (virial) hierachies as a grounding structure is foundational as quasi-finite n-dimensionality.

*The simple idea of mass or matter independent of space and time against an indefinite extent of vacuum (the relation to gravity pressures and our observation on the familiar scale of electromagnetic fields as another substance aside) is that when all is resolved to simplicity as this we hold the experience and notion as fundamentally concrete.

*Other than relative duplication of quasics as generational and a principle equivalent or as powerful as 2 virialty we can ask if one quarter or one half generational (thus holographic) information describes the missing parts informational by quasic structure entirely. Is there positional encoding and is that implying local holon causality necessarily or loosely? In a sense that a system is considered relativistic in pair relations and chirality is a relaxed notion.

*To work out the singular preon idea one must first work out the fermion-boson relation principles as the above items for that abstract and remote possibility if not the total theory of models (eg big bang or inflation ideas as primary).

*The ratio of generational values as a need for some observational reality of a measure of mass, that they be a finite value, is a result of the relative quasication of the indefinite grounding thus relative initial unit cell and place of sequential ordering or the view of such ordering as a space of relations and connectivity that equals one globally and existentially.

*Exponential notation and complexification of the equations are lesser ideas than the natural and quasic dimensional notation mathematics.

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