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Virial Consciousness (Standard Model Psi Plasm Metaphysics)

Virial Consciousness (Standard Model Psi Plasm Metaphysics)

In trying to follow Rowlands more on the particle physics I found I could understand it better if I relate it to recent ideas on the nature of our brain-mind structure. In this sense the foundations I take as epistemological and metaphysical. I find parallels but do not see the standard model as comprehensive enough and as I commented to Lubos on thereferenceframe blogspot- I myself have reservations about the Higgs mechanism. We need a more general idea where the string theory and multiverse theories are both part of a larger picture.

If physics is primary and the algebra and geometry just a way to arrive at it then it seems to me far to much depends for description and interpretation on the algebra. Certainly then the mathematics has a place in its own right as that which generates physical phenomena.

*VCSM 0- If autism and schizophrenia are on opposite ends of the same spectrum (see earlier post for reference) and the role of muons and their vacuum is central to the parity and chiral schemes of particle interaction such that the muon field does not feel the electric or the strong force, abstractly these are the remote limits of our minds where in particular the duplication of sequences in genes, some of which are reversed, correspond to a collection of particle states (in particular this is realized by the geometry of the five fold space polytopes on the chromosome level).

*VCSM 1 - "Filimbration" that between what is muon and the rest of the universe in the sense that the vacua are quasi-filled over tacyhyteleological spacetime here and now and there and them unto some remote places of designated vacua.

*VCSM 2 - Holographic reduction of space (such that it is second order in Dirac's system -see Rowlands- and time as first order so to put a bottleneck on quantum theory) in my quasic sense of informational states across generations shows this not a problem in theory and measurement.

*VCSM 3 - The literal disc of Riemann's sphere projected on a complex plane exceeds the duality and half duality where it is literally a spiral and seemingly anti-spiral (as in galaxies with such opaque matter) where r is cubed or greater.

*VCSM 4 - The quasic grid in the flat plane of n dimensions also is a Higgs like description of mass but more with hypersphereical harmonics instead of simple space.

*VCSM 5 - Submass in space involves the square root of two, but in quasic distance and natural distance in four space involves influences of the golden ratio also and so on thru the quadradic multihedral angles over the angular momentum.

* * *
Fine structure of the fermion:

Comment just now to Lubos as this sort of thing to post today was on my mind:

I hope you some great vacation there too. It is good to talk things over with others.

The evolution debate is a very big subject to take on. I do not see the particle physics as that different than the models of biology, especially for our minds with a gene basis. I am skeptical of the Higgs mechanism myself although I abstractly now understand how it works but disagree more is not needed to show origins of mass. I do not think a vacuum can be just the minimum but can be also an absolute. The ideas of chirality and parity in the standard model can directly describe our states of mind and its mechanisms. BTW I do not see the incompatibility of string theory and ideas of multiverse.

Time as continuous or discrete, the nature of origins and causation, our physics still a little dreamlike, but it is a golden time to be in the field.

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