Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Social Isolation of Genius

The Social Isolation of Genius

I was planning another article this morning but would like to respond here to Lubos of thereferenceframe blogspot which I sent as a comment:


Lately there has been a lot of speculation on glia cells and Einstein's brain. I think the issues debated in your post will vanish one day when we understand our own myths and nature of genius. While I understand your sentiment that a fourth quark (after all this was not a journal artilce but a popularization) being in the string field (yours was an excellent paper btw) as not surprising. But for me the whole issue is not surprising as more is going on that what we observe in our minds or in the lab. Perhaps genius, as orginal and fundamental science, in the way we learn and so on, has to be one of quasi or balanced autism (nerdism?) Was Einstein's brain all that special or was it a hype to bring popular personal respect for the Nobel Prizes? Is the purpose of the bare charge (nude integration) of your article really one about ethics as a concern of dispassionate science? I do not see the division of which is the key fashion- particle physics or biochemistry for they are so much the same and can benefit from all the models of string theory- if we dare to stretch our minds to speculate so that for the contemplative but isolated brain we bring more unified theories together- but this is a social cost where nature like the mental world is more or less restrained for balances. Let us not confuse the grid of the map with the map nor with the terrain.

The PeSla

See the article posted npr I found at new activity on the sciencechatforum:

BTW I have followed New Scientist and learned much from when I was a puppy and long before Lubos was a twinkle in his parents eyes- I have the utmost respect for this magazine and its job of popularizing science. If your polarity is so far to the right, and the viewpoint, Lubos, then perhaps you would not mind your republic being annexed by the Reich? But who remembers the blogs anyway?

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