Friday, June 11, 2010

Omnomical Realities

Omnomical Realities

The blog I follow IntangibleMateriality at blogspot seems to have a sense of the remote realm of omnometry as expressed in ideas on entropy at such a teleological region of organizing reality. The new ideas can become the old ideas again as they become part of the fabric of the one and unique omnium in evolution over all the universes and aspects of souls and time.

This is to say that it is not enough to show the possibility of such command over our mental and physical existence- but that the physical evolution of this world over time is a reality in the dynamics of such remote space and time that makes the intangible material and that we imagine in our lesser and overly and falsely unique states of consciousness and being in that world we adjust and expect reacts to us directly or by will and wishes at a distance of virtual dreams vanished to gain the concrete vastly more potential than our still but changing dreams- dreams themselves the stuff of that made real here and now and unto time and times beyond our now.

OMN5 - The speculation on the reality of the world as remote intelligibility of its math and physics becomes a concrete composition of things we can touch and see and more deeply sense of the past and things to come--- our minds can do this also even in past times where our relation to new but present states of the world was a relation to such a remote space which seems only a hint of some reason and purpose for what the evidence say we did in archeology and anthropology as that species that build pyramids of such a scale beyond the search for sustenance on the Savannahs. Most of our vague shadow sensing and speculations are secondary to such a place before the reality of the concrete here and now and on now hidden scales of broken paranormal symmetries have effects we engage with our own futures.

What a vague dream of the 384 simplication of our futures minus the 24 and adding to that the 6 for the lines of the I Ching as the days of a solar year- a lucky number perhaps for speculation- and yet it seems that each of these days is composed of days which is the minimum to which we may divine from a mere cast of pointless dice in a limited sea of possibilities that which is concrete in coincidence which upon consulting measures more deeply what we are and are to be in this world. For this our ancient pyramids were sensed by the apeman and now are left as if lead depleted of its higher radiations into some mystery of edifices of stone. In the ideas of multiverse and the holographic principle, that is not enough in itself to explain the real omnium evolution of the world nor explain how we may access and become the everlasting if in the war of our own destiny and free will we have the strength and have progressed high enough and know whom we, as a new era of civilized beings together, shall return to the God game.

* * *

I am considering a quasi-empirical experiment in omnometry as the spedulative ideas seem to coalesce into the quasi-concrete. What sort of changes and how far do they project in consequences at such remote computations of real and virtual changes to our familiar and ordinary continuum we desire to engage? What rare times of fundamental changes I have encountered looking back into the past when my intuition was more on the forefront over a choice to experience a so called more rational world seem such a process but in a vague way and one beyond he normal synchronicity or thermodynamical laws of reality. Yet anyone can do such experiments. If such results are interesting (and anyone can do the quasi-experiments themselves for the sake of verification) I will announce it here. Yet it really no point in doing so before hand as a matter of proof (indeed, speculative ideas such as the measure of things relating to cosmology are a vague sort of scientific falsification and peer review is only as good as the cabal of observers biased or not.) I will refer then to the sting of Scorpio to point to and document this experiment or perhaps for now call it PeSla's Fog-spot. I am not sure it will involve other individuals directly but any who want to may participate in the experiment if indeed we can show that our contributions are indeed independent of each other in some shared remote space.

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