Friday, June 4, 2010

Dimensions and Generational Shift

I am also rather interested in the 240 square faces in the six dimensional case as this number is so prevalent in this arithmetic of structures (for a game perhaps).
Interestingly, beyond the 1 as a generator in 3^n pascal's triangle there is the even number sequence and beyond that the tiling in two space edges match the edges of an orthogon in the corresponding dimension but these correspond only beginning with four edges.

Dimensions and Generational Shift

My papers are not usually this messy and free flowing but I thought it better to post these note from yesterday and today raw. Notice the search for reasonable new symbols and notations which in creative moments are like branching anthers or flowers.

I may post further on these notes, in drawings and in the mathematics. I will not translate into the usual number theory conventions as that is obvious and the picture of things is more easily understood.

Given the Euclidean parallel quasic motions and the KLMN notations as a sort of matrix one can generalize this linearly to include variations on the coherence of the quasic n-dimensional fields for space extensions not necessarily orthogonal.

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