Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Intelligible Scientific Language

Intelligible Scientific Language

Somehow June seems a new start on this blog just when I have exhausted the depths of my creativity. Lubos has a great post on postings on the science submissions which seems to mainly discuss various string theory ideas in theoretical physics- in a sense it is a language of its own spoken between those fluent in it. From what I can tell I find no area of such theories that addresses directly my theoretical concerns which I have called the quasic field. But I was wondering about language in general and how it influences our notions of science and our deep background of thoughts. It is well and good say to form an international language such as Glossa which takes advantage of Greek and Latin scientific roots of words- but is such an auxilliary really useful on the same level of speech as if a social language? In a sense the Greek that shows up in pure English acts above in the metaphors to convey meaning beyond the literal case- Yet, is mathematics not a scientific and international language independent of the home tongues? Mathematics is intelligibility itself and that included our notions of logic as metalanguage.

But the intelligibility of a scientific language is always a problem to share with the mass, and uplift the mass of man. Perhaps language is not the terrain nor the map that is confused but our notions of the grid and the encoding formalism itself.

For me the exploration of the idea of number and the other branches of mathematics of which I have awakened to their significance in ways I had not imagined there in these last few years- working in isolation and close to the foundations, has led me to see the math, especially the algebra and geometry quite independent of both physics and special systems of notations and notions, has me see a unified theory of how all this should fit together intelligibly. I tend to wonder why there are so many deep and diverse theories which from my viewpoint, as simple as my notions seem to me, for a unified and intelligible view- at least for the issues of science in the near future and the ideas and debates of this day. But maybe in retrospect only do we grasp a new integrated totality of the evolving language.

Ingaborg's Parrot (see her blogspot) Imagine the intelligence and ability of these birds to see multi-color space better than we do, and imagine they can mimic some human speech- the genes in colors capture the emergence artfully of our diverse gene code and language. The creative and artful scientist does not just repeat the words of others without understanding- but artistic genius if you can read it is found here in the suggestion of simplicity in the overwhelming complexity of life.

From the philosophychatforum new activity today I see the breakthrough in decoding all the variations in the genome much like a bar code- and I see it mainly as an issue in geometry including the reading of snippets in reverse as a part of the general understanding of the genome as string theoretical like. I suggest further that this is more of the idea of cellular integration and differentiation than fundamental notions of differentiation. Such linear codes can be read as chiral and dimensional representations in a fuller space with all the conservations and symmetry breaking and duality and so on that our seeming separate intelligible langages suggest may have a deeper level of relevance as well as room for growth.

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