Thursday, June 3, 2010

Five fold Quasitopes

Five fold Quasitopes

It seems like the closer I come to a unifying idea the more trivial it can seem. Yet if there are more particle generations along these "quasic" lines discovered then certainly the mathematics of it will be found here.

In the illustration I merely expand (1+2) to the nth to see the number of subcells and the corresponding arithmetic of the subcells (here an 8D orthogon)as an example of such coherent group computation.

It occurs to me that by such arithmetic we can add structures and natural group numbers intelligibly such that something like density of five things (=2)act as if a quasication upon the distances involved for it seems there are two forms of space to be considered, natural and quasic, that is polytope and quasitope multidimensional space with their corresponding ideas of non-locality and reduction of structures by various levels of breaking symmetry, changes of and conservation of "energy".

Thus we need to have a relevant combination of these two modes of space into a unified theory. One consequence would be that there are more paths and membrane structures than even imagined by string theory which weave thru topologies of "holes".

16^2 - 16 = 240 (eight dimensional close packing), and 240 - 15 = 15^2. Consider this, in terms of time-like dimensions in natural space we have similiar ones on some level of generational space where nilpotency is fractal and recursive.

* * *

Basically we can incorporate the mathematical formulism as existing into a wider generalization with similiar idea of the quasitope in extended dimensions. I wonder if there is an analog into n-dimensions of the icosahedron just as the all important 24 cell polytope in four space corresponds to so many other structures reduced by the informational aspects such as K = 00, or F = KK and so on. I also considered actual art and dice based on the 8 line I ching to see perhaps just where this may apply to a general theory of reading the DNA that way especially if we need to see the translations and rotations of these beautiful regular space structures- 256 being the differentiation as an individual as if spherical in flat quasic space where the differentiation of cells is decoherence or remain independent in development - that perhaps some of the restrictions in natural dimensions also apply to the quasic ones in a coherent intelligible manner beyond the physicality imagined
of touching abstract structural systems. Might there be no greater than 5 quark generations group wise- or perhaps this describes naturally arising limits to the nuclei n stellar or other furnaces of virtual and real creation?

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