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Elements: Pnenomnium 119, Terranium 120, Z=Omnium 121

Elements: Pnenomnium 119, Terranium 120, Z=Omnium 121
[Pn Tn Oz]

I feel sure the details and general picture of the next physics, the one I style Phoenix after the questions at the extreme of fire and ashes, are rather more intricate than we now fancy we know or have dared to imagine.

But this has been the trend in the sciences although this lesson escapes us in the mainstream close to cautious speculation. To the extent we creatively dream we should expect competence and expertise in the enterprise. So a mechanical enquirer is a measure of a dull mind if they have faith and aspire to useful theory.

One thing for sure is that in comprehending the significance of the notions of the next level of new physics - we as real and humble aware organisms, proud justly in what achievements we have made and that even here close to the world and from within it - the universe has become for me a surprisingly more interesting place.

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Up to eleven dimensions the Z or atomic number of the atomic electron configuration, that is in four or five natural dimensions (and of course the derived nucleus structures)as they appear in three space, has a limit of 120 quantum positions. So the center of possible atoms is the number 121, 60 + 61, or 11 squared.

Other quasic states could be possible beginning at 16 dimensions. So we can imagine a 121st atomic design as if an abstract atom central to the possible masses. This I call Z=omnium (Oz) or simply the universal inductive law as an element, atom, Omnium.
We can say a "fifth element" or element like entity.

This notion is Dante or Aristotelian in design conception and ties into the first idea of elements to more modern notions of them. For it is like the last two natural elements as analogy to the first two, Hydrogen and Helium (the sun) for water and fire. So the earth itself is Terranium, Earth and that leaves aer or air (to which I was tempted to name the coopeted moon sphere)but as breath Pnenomnium 119.
We note these four primal elementary notions as those which over quasic systems form the 4 or 3+1 tetrahedral elements over say the 64 of DNA. Xeromnium or dry is evoked as well for 119 but the metaphor isnt to be taken as exact anymore than Xena or Eris. Indeed, naming the transuranium elements after planets seems as much a vague science and mythology of definitions as all the types and sizes of planetoids in the Oort belt.

New Scientist had an article suggesting something I have believed- that some stresses in the developing child may have an affect on their immune system and mental stability or coherence in their old age. This is a rather Geshalt psychological idea always debated as false or contraversial when I suggest it- for in Geshalt we see the unity of a melody after the fact of its playing. Anyway I have strived with my own children and with no good books of wisdom to take care of their fragile development. Such general relavances of development is still a vast and wild frontier for exploration. But the truth is more likely that some things fold end and beginning and some do not- like the exact analogy of the 120 atomic structure in beginnings and endings- and the birth and death of stars and the vacuum that inwardly houses the soul of the cycle of the burning bird reborn from the ashes.

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