Saturday, August 14, 2010

Meta-Enigma (Hierarchical Space Nil-Duality)

Meta-Enigma (Hierarchical Space Nil-Duality) Aug.14, 2010 L. Edgar Otto

Sometimes the ideas flow almost as an afterthought and eventually I write them down as best I can. Lately, some ideas like this one today seems highly speculative to me but if the past is any guide the intuitions usually turn out useful.

The reason I wrote these notes- and notes in picture form they will remain, was a new look at the viral compass of the DNA chain code as to where exactly the unique 24 rigid rotations were on the code. I am attending a wedding today for my friends Bill and Brook so do not have a lot of time. This may be my first amateur wedding photo idea and I also brought my guitar in case. It will be an informal wedding by the river. (I may post the two previous pages of notes as I forgot to take a photo of them this morning):

The picture is not perfect and the step into such speculation to find what exquisite beauty there is in the models, ones that correspond so well to current experimental evidence, is rewarding especially when the results of theoretical exploration was dared but not expected. I do not see how anyone in our century can understand the new physics until they have cautiously stretched their understanding of the foundations as Rowlands et al did. But there is so much to be done. Note also the retraction on the NP hard not= P thing and my commentary on this difficult to grasp idea of quasi equality of the issue. Yet we are after all discussing intelligible foundations for a universal cosmology as if the long awaited omnium or theory of everything- no wonder the problem of NP if solved would reach to all such problems as a universal cosmology of its similar application in deep and many areas- in the quasi-verse.

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