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Minimum Decoherence & Questions of Time & Entropy

[This illustration takes a picture of the twizzle cube through a bird's feather over the lens like the "x-ray" scopes sold to us in the comics of the 50's which made errie inference effects when we viewed things like our hands...]

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Ahh, an article near my position (somewhere in this blog and since 1969 with the quasic idea):
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But I was looking for this article from yesterday: I forgot to read. But it did seem the issue of the multiverse and so on was something related to this planned post. (well, I found little new in this particular article today.) Again, as this relates to the human psychology (what is the self and unique self and is there a sort of looping between parts of the brain in some developmental and perhaps inflation like theory of mental growth?) So the popular literature comes a little closer to my more radical positions for it occured to me that on some scale we make blunders or are occasionally brilliant in chess by winking in and out of our multiplicity of personalities :-)
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Having read Lubos before posting here I made a comment which of course contained some of the things on my mind on these issues:

Another good article with history of the mathematics. Lubos, again concerned with areas currently on my mind. (perhaps you read my last posts and comments, or we are connected someway beyond the virtual space of our love for science in imaginary dialog and time).
I tend to see something like the chessboard as six dimensional, I suppose this is like the Clifford algebra but dimension is a rather loose term. In a plane one can think of those drawings of Escher of water flowing both up and down hill from a global perspective which to me is not just an illusion of perception but can be seen as two three spaces, or a six space, over each other. I am not sure this can be represented from complex numbers and while algebra and geometry are unified say by Euler's beautiful formulas I still regard the unification logically of addition and multiplication as needing a unified notation rather than the confusion of breaking them apart and declaring them one number in the background.
Perhaps it is pure speculation but this line of thinking suggests to me I need to take a serious look at tachyons and some mechanism- and the ideas of looping of which from Hofstedler I do not find credible as physics. Yet, there does seem to be such loops in the intrinsic and real curvature as the 37 degrees or so where one is on the other side of light velocity where whatever relation we have to imaginary time there is nevertheless a hint of jumps of time travel.

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Minimum Decoherence & Questions of Time & Entropy

Briefly, virtually or in reality on some side of the mirror we can model certain physical sitiuations as if they really or as some sort of illusion do strange things with time in the remote extremes universal and local effects. Some object beyond the velocity of light may indeed arrive a certain place before it leaved later at another place- a sort of greater than instanaenous notion.

If we have that intrinsic curvature of space (Godel and Einstein) we could spiral and loop and jump through time (of which Es called this notion not likely true as it was too weird). But I am interested in two things here- the notion of a minimum decoherence in a world where at zero and even some dimension of a sea of such extended zeros (especially the persitence of memory in our brains and/or the linear expression of the zero backbone of say the DNA) and extending this quasic unification of the physics into notions of a fourth or Phoenix physics (Qph) we work in the consequences of things relating to the vacuum and notions of energy at that place at least existentially the notions of physics are intelligibly vanished or blurred in relation to the mathematics and the ideas of energy and so on...

Assertion 1 - at that point where some concrete object exceeds the speed of light the required energy is nearly or actually infinite and the coherence and continuity of coherence is nearly or actually an absolute flat zero.

Assertion 2 - but this process has two directions of looking at what is macro and micro of scales and it at least a four way dialect of being and nothingness-that is dark and light matter, local and non-local Machian or Einsteinian ideas of spatial background and inertial independence of such additive or multiplicative scalars and vectors and so on..

Of course in the middle level and some idea of minimum decoherence as a naked charge or singularity over some quasic pixel over some idea of scales such as minimum distance or Planck area and so on we in the virtual space (so attractive in our age of computers and even addictive like love or stange loops of the idea of near or actual sense of self) but this philosophic notion does seem to map into macro and micro and our own comprehension of scales- of which decoherence as intimate or as the property of entropy (that is as a measure of time also for information and meaning are conjugate from Shannon's view but perhaps only approximately so- I mean from the New Scientist article we do have this deep problem of what quantum probability is or what say a multiverse is) In a sense we have the idea of maximum entropy at the surface of a "black hole". But as these can be classical objects (Rowlands) perhaps the idea of infinite speed of gravity or infinite symmetry at the smallest points or furtherest evolving to become a limited loop of energy of the volume of space, the quasi-closed universe is a fine balance of intelligibility mathematically where like in the raw and absolute vacuum the phenomena of decoherence and its virtual mirrors also have structure and capacity for storage or retrivial of concrete (real or virtual as spin ahead or behind some illusive mirror) that takes a reasonable amount of high energy.

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